Monday, July 22, 2013

Drake and Chris Wins Lawsuit, Farrah Abraham $100k Richer For Becoming A Porn Whore and This is Your Weekend News In Less Then Two Paragraph's

            Wellsink, Weekend News in Less Then Two Paragraphs!

  1. Drake and Chris Brown, as Charlie Sheen would say are "Winning," Due to defeating the Law Suit they both faced regarding the nightclub altercation they were involved in last summer.







2. Jay Z and B, hit up the streets of NYC, on Saturday in protest of Trayvon  Martin, along with Trayvon's mother and Rev. Al Sharpton







3. Farrah Abraham, "Teen Mom" star becomes $100k richer in all of two months, for becoming a porn whore..







4. Rapper, Future steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for his son, with baby mama number two, Brittni Mealy. Kudos Future for being a real man and stepping up to the plate.






 This is wellsink, an this has been your Weekend News, in less then two paragraphs..

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