Monday, July 29, 2013

"Don't Pull That Hoe Card!!"

Knock, Knock..who's there? It's that thang called hope, it's that mutha fucka, that if you fail, can lead you to smoke that dope.. Click... clack, who's that? It's that thang that will put you to sleep, you know that kat, who let's off them thangs, that steel bitch, that plays fa keeps!!
Ding..dong..who that be? It's them bells that goes off in ya head..every time game is ran..a lie is's that shit that make ya see red! Some call it hate, other's call it envy.. Imma say it out ma mouth!! you got problems..then come see me!

Flip..flop.. what's that be? is that ole J kat from up the street, who changes faces, conveniently, but when no ones around to watch, your ready to see me, it's that shit that will have a already fake motha fucka..actin' real phony!! the sound you hear when a bitch get bust in her head.. for playing with your intelligence..she should have used her word's instead!Click..clank is the sound you hear, when One time place you in the back..All for breakin a bitch down and laying her on her back!

Riddle me this..riddle me that.. Ain't bout no tongue wrestlin' you can best believe that!!! That coward shit is real wack..Be ready to battle and prepared to fall hard..But most importantly..In fuckin with me..Make sure you you don't pull that fuck card!!
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