Monday, July 15, 2013

Aww, Look Kris and Her Newest Grand~Baby, North West...Oh Snap..Wait A Minute> That Baby is Fake!! WTF

With all the fakes and frauds running around on our would think that one would want to be as real as they possibly could be. A person's word is bond in most cases, but for other's,some action's speaks louder then words..and Kris Jenner actions spoke volumes when she brought a fake new born baby on the set of her show,and tried to pass it off as Kim and Kayne's daughter, North West, however TMZ was on it like white on rice..Quickly pulling Kris Jenner's sheets and covers off her bed by UN~covering that the baby that Kris held snuggled tight in her arms, was actually the property of a hair and make up artist on the set..Smh..Now that's a damn shame!!

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