Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marital Affairs Is A hot and steamy sequel, Don't miss just how hot this Sequel Gets!

I am most known for writing, let's just say I tend to tread on the darker side of reality..Today, I'm going to try something new..Please enjoy..

He kissed her, and her body begin to shiver, all she wanted to know, was if he could deliver.. Bound and chained to everyday life, she was accustomed to being the boring ass wife! No fun, no excitement..damn sure no sex..the closest she got to phuckin was through some shitty ass text.
Her husband felt this would bring excitement to the two..but in the back of her mind..she was all about through..

He cheated, he lied, sometimes he would not return home..but her good ole saying was.."Leta stray dog roam" She knew in her mind that it wouldn't be long..She was a woman who demanded new needs, she fantasized about the days she would aim to please, the next man, the new man, that she would eventually meet, she had visualized bringing him to his knee's.

She fantasized of caressing his strong, masculine skin, she dreamed of kissing him softly, as he caressed her within,she moaned slightly and this time there was no need to pretend..She nibbled on his ear as his Cologne danced through her nose, his hands begin to fumble as he tried taking off her cloths..She closed her eye's as she reached for him below, "she thought to herself..lord knows I'm no hoe, but if this keeps going at this rate, I'm going to give him just what he came here for"

He softly kissed her breast..round nipples and all..he could feel that she was getting wet,
Something like a water fall..hot..wet and tight..he wanted to taste it all.. He dropped to his knees as if he knew he would aim to please..bringing the woman that he was pleasing down to her knees..

She clasped her knees so that his head was locked..it was delicious, she didn't want him to stop! not now..it can't end. Now telling him to lye down so she could climb on top..She grabbed his man hood and slowly led him inside..fast then real slow..she thought "he's gonna love this ride" He moaned, he kissed her even called out her name..this high speed chase she took him on, was driving him insane..he kissed her neck and then her lips..all while holding down her frame..he tried to say it low, but he in fact..called out her name..

It was insane..it was intense..the size of his man hood didn't make sense.. Shid got hot kinda out of control..he flipped her on her stomach and tried to beast phuck that hole.. It was deep..it was hot..boring, this man was not.. he began to do things only seen on t.v...Then he shocked her with a move that she was hardly able to believe....

Stay tuned for "Marital Affairs" series coming Every Tuesday of each week.


Wellsink News In Less Then Three Paragraphs!!

             Wellsink Entertainment News In Less Then Three 


 Niki Minaj, Engaged to Dj Kahled? Reportedly, Niki was seen dining out with Gal pal, Ne Ne Leaks, from "Real Housewives Of Atlanta, wearing a very expensive diamond ring. Last week the Dj proposed to Minaj during an appearance on MTV, It has not been made official if the ring she was sporting was from Dj Kahled. Today, Niki is claiming that Dj Kahled's MTV'S video was not real..Hmmm?

2.Teresa and Joe Giudice, " The Real Housewives of New Jersery" stars released on 500,000 Bond for "Fraud Charges" E~Online reports, If found guilty Joe could be facing deportation charges, being that he is an Italian Citizen..well gotdam Joe and Teresa, when it rains it pours..

3. Harry Styles denies being Bi~sexual and having relations with good pal British and U.K. TV and radio host Nick Grimshaw 

4. Miley Cyrus? What's all the controversy over? Miley Cyrus poses nude on Marc Jacobs' T-shirt for charity campaign
Sex "Hate when adults say daddy in movies. unless they talkin duuuurty," Miley tweeted. "but that s--ts still creepy."

Drugs ''When I smoke, I don't get that sick feeling I get when I drink, or that anger rising up," she explained of her "stoner" sensibilities (again) to Style magazine. "There's a reason Bob Marley was like some kind of Rasta Mother Teresa."
Do whatever makes you happy Miley..We love you just the way you are!



Monday, July 29, 2013

"Don't Pull That Hoe Card!!"

Knock, Knock..who's there? It's that thang called hope, it's that mutha fucka, that if you fail, can lead you to smoke that dope.. Click... clack, who's that? It's that thang that will put you to sleep, you know that kat, who let's off them thangs, that steel bitch, that plays fa keeps!!
Ding..dong..who that be? It's them bells that goes off in ya head..every time game is ran..a lie is told..it's that shit that make ya see red! Some call it hate, other's call it envy.. Imma say it out ma mouth!! you got problems..then come see me!

Flip..flop.. what's that be? is that ole J kat from up the street, who changes faces, oh..so.. conveniently, but when no ones around to watch, your ready to see me, it's that shit that will have a already fake motha fucka..actin' real phony!!

Gush..gush..is the sound you hear when a bitch get bust in her head.. for playing with your intelligence..she should have used her word's instead!Click..clank is the sound you hear, when One time place you in the back..All for breakin a bitch down and laying her on her back!

Riddle me this..riddle me that.. Ain't bout no tongue wrestlin' you can best believe that!!! That coward shit is real wack..Be ready to battle and prepared to fall hard..But most importantly..In fuckin with me..Make sure you you don't pull that fuck card!!


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Rise And Fall Of This Nation!

We have all seen the rise and  fall of a Nation, that at one point we might have called fair, but what happens when the land we live in becomes so corrupt, that we as citizens become afraid of the land that we live in? A Nation that we can no longer trust. What does that great American flag represent to you? Are we really free to make solid and sound choices for ourselves? And is there really such a thing called Freedom of speech?
I would like to think that in a time where things have gotten so out of control, that we as Americans would have the right to voice whatever it is that may be on our minds.. However, in today's society, that is not the case.

Oh sure, why not make the citizens think that their opinion matters?, their vote matters, that we as Americans as a whole matter,But have we been shown something entirely different over the past decade? We have seen the mass destruction that can be created, produced, and at times, even man made. Have you ever just sat and thought what has been the reasoning for all the terrible things that we as a Nation have witnessed over the last decade? 9/11, Shootings in malls, Movie theater's, Schools, humans eating other humans alive and Even or judicial system.

Are we now embarking on a time of "Marshall Law" yes people, that may be very well just where we are headed! Explore this thought if you will, Police running through your home in Swat gear with search and seizure in mind and there isn't a damn thing that you can do to prevent it from happening, being locked and forced to stay inside of your homes.. Has our society gotten so far gone that in the near future the people will be begging our Government to micro~manage the way we live?

We are living in horrific days, when there is talk of taking Elementary and High School children out of the Public Schools and educating them in the privacy of our homes.. I can assure you people that these day's Will Not Get Better, things will only get worse from here..
Tell me, are you prepared to repeat history?


Drake and Chris Wins Lawsuit, Farrah Abraham $100k Richer For Becoming A Porn Whore and This is Your Weekend News In Less Then Two Paragraph's

            Wellsink, Weekend News in Less Then Two Paragraphs!

  1. Drake and Chris Brown, as Charlie Sheen would say are "Winning," Due to defeating the Law Suit they both faced regarding the nightclub altercation they were involved in last summer.







2. Jay Z and B, hit up the streets of NYC, on Saturday in protest of Trayvon  Martin, along with Trayvon's mother and Rev. Al Sharpton







3. Farrah Abraham, "Teen Mom" star becomes $100k richer in all of two months, for becoming a porn whore..







4. Rapper, Future steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for his son, with baby mama number two, Brittni Mealy. Kudos Future for being a real man and stepping up to the plate.






 This is wellsink, an this has been your Weekend News, in less then two paragraphs..


Friday, July 19, 2013

You Can Take Ya two faces, and Go Straight to Hell!!

Knock..knock..can you hear me breathe.. if you open your eye's you'll be able to see.. So you say you have a disliking for me? Am I too real? Not fake like T.V. I never took no actin classes, I don't fucks wit Halloween, so i wears no masses!! I'm as real as they come, hard as a rock..Got that lyrical spit, been called, The female Tupac..
Ran with them hustler's that hugged the block..Attracted to them thug Kat's that wears them glocks! My mouth is way slick, I mean you can't shut me down, trying to battle with me...I swear you'll get clowned!!
Don't let the smooth look or the smooth taste fool you..Open up that history book it's time to school you!
Came to Vegas two years ago..Imma bad bitch but I ain't no hoe, swagger so tight, I just walked through that dough.. of success, puttin these lame niccas, to the test.. They may have been confused by the beauty in the face, but I put that shit to rest.. I won't compete in that race.. Respect me.. is the message that I send... I swear to god...say the wrong thang..Ya life just might end..

I'm batty, loony, I mean crazy insane..you Betta ask that bish...ummm..what's her name..? That trick chic back in Y.A i still see that bitch hair in flames today.. I've tried to change for the better..for the good..But for whateva reasons, they like to see a bish hood... Kiss ya ass,? Dummy me down? You got me.. way mis~ undastood..

I can never change into what you want me to be..you won't see me actin brand new like NeNe Leaks, Forever true to the game, true to myself..So what you don't like me, shid I can't tell..you can take ya two faces and go straight to hell!!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drugs, Alcohol, Women and a Whole lot of Being Turned up, Sounds Like The Life Of a Rock Star right? Close. Try Hip~Hop Artist B~Hype The Verbal!!

Drugs, alcohol, women, and a whole lot of being "Turned Up!" Sounds like the life of a Rock Star right? Close. How about the life of Hip~Hop Artist, B-Hype, Twista's long time Hype man. We all have seen B-Hype get the crowd turned up as his Partner tears the stage up with his tongue twisting lyrics, but what I bet you didn't know was that B-Hype has a mouthful of his own lyrics to twist up.. With his new single "Want Me" climbing quickly to the top of the charts, he is sure to be heard on every Dj's play list and damn near everyone's sound system.

Normally when you hear Hype's name you instantly think of Twista, however B-Hype made an impression on me when I met him last year at "Stoney's,"where he and Twista had been performing.
In almost an instant, I was captivated by the humbleness he had displayed. Never once making one feel uncomfortable.

One would hardly believe that the long time friend and Hype man of Twista, at one point battled an addition with Heroin. For those of you that may not be familiar with this debilitating drug, it is deadly, and few survive the losing battle of this addiction. You become fixated on self and how you can get that next high, nothing else matters, it's as if, your body and soul craves it's very existence and without it, your body begins to hurt, shut down, the slightest touch to the body can be very painful, the withdrawals alone can send a sober person to their death bed.

During B~Hypes battle with his addiction he began to isolate himself, not wanting to be around other's, because at one point in his life, the only thing that mattered was the drug..Although Hype had no desire to shoot the drug up, he utilized the drug in other way's. B-Hype's addiction began when his father passed away at the ripe age of 17-years-old.. Hype, spoke of how the drug took control of his body, and rejected the drug before his mind did..With really no support system, but his sister Keshaw Euell, whom he speaks of in such a loving manner, Hype knew all too well that it was time to let go of that monster of a drug that would eventually claim his own life if he didn't straighten up.

Today, Hype has been clean and sober for over 15-16 years now, and states that he is happier now, although he does state in earlier years he was also happy with all the touring that he and Twista were both doing, but today he is happy that he is now able to trust again.

B-Hype's message for anyone trying to break through those industry bars, is " If you put your mind to it, you can do anything you desire, because the mind is a powerful weapon!"
I would have to say I agree.

B-Hype at the conclusion of this interview wanted to send much love out to Twista and the "GMG" family as well as his loving sister Keshaw Euell.

For more information on how to book B-Hype for any and all performances, please visit him at bhypetheverbal@gmail.com


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice (Explicit) ft. Drake

54 People Were Shot and Killed All while Zimmerman Trial Was In Session, All were Young Black Men Just As Treyvon.. This is A Outrage!!

54 People Were Shot Dead In Chicago During The George Zimmerman Trial (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted:   |  Updated: 07/16/2013 4:30 pm EDT
54 people shot in chicago
Activists rally in Chicago's South Side for Trayvon Martin in addition to ending gun violence in their own city July 15, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. On Saturday, a jury in Sanford, Florida found Zimmerman not-guilty in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. (Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images)
While the nation was fixated on the trial of George Zimmerman, who Saturday was acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, many were left wondering when the media would tell their similarly tragic stories of lives lost to gun violence.
Over the duration of the trial, over 50 people's lives came to an end in shootings in Chicago alone -- many of them black and many of them teenagers, just like Trayvon.
In the days since the trial, three more people were killed in Chicago shootings, including 16-year-old Joseph Brewer Jr. Brewer, who was gunned down Sunday afternoon while walking to visit
 his infant daughter, loved video games, basketball and was "family-oriented," his family told the Chicago Tribune.

>This Article has been brought to you by the Huff Post based out of Chicago.<


This article has been brought to you by

Watch This World Rot!!

Hmm..sit back..relax, putcha thinkin' cap on.. This world displaying madness, what the hell is going on? Racism at it's finest.. brewing, in the making at best, People in high places, wanna see if you can pass this test..People more ignorant..getting way mean, Minorities out~ raged regarding Trayvon Martin, I mean hot..like boiling, on steam!
How many more innocent will die from the hand's of hatred and greed, when will the people get the justice that they need?
What if it were your child, with blue eye's and white skin, What if he'd been killed by some old ass black man.. Where then would that black man be? I'll tell you where... Up unda the penitentiary, almost dead..barley breathing..hardly talking, and half ass seeing, because he's been beaten on the way to jail, no need to burn him down at the stake..he's already entered hell, already been convicted, damn sure ain't makin bell.

 So tell me Mr and Mrs Judicial System, why the double standard, and do you believe you have failed.. failed the people of all races, failed the people of all places..failed every Nation with unique faces!! The great land of Milk and Honey built on Greed, Hate, Power, and Money! A place where one has the "Right?" of freedom of speech, freedom of choice..a land where you "Assure" me that I most absolutely have a voice, in the say, of the "Law's" of  our land, but yet, you look at me, dead square in the eye's all while marinating on some devastating tragedy, that you have planned.

You shout to the hill top to trust you..let you in..smiling to the camera's and the World..passing off as our friend.. If you thought this World was bad now..Just you wait and see, when the shid really hits the fan, you'll be begging that someone puts you out of your misery.. Times are getting harder, better they are not..Stand for something, 'and give it all you got..don't sit back and be one of the one's who just sat and watched the world rot!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Death Of Glee Star, Corey Monteith..

Heroin and alcohol seemed to be the Grand Reaper that took  the life of  Corey Monteith, it has been reported, that the 31-year-old "Glee" Star was found located inside the Fairmont Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, Canada on July 13th. Authorities have stated that the "Glee" Star had evidence in his room that was consistent with a Drug Overdose.
Allegedly, this was not his first "go round" with drug addiction, he had admitted himself into rehab earlier this year.

Here's what I'd like to know, why is it that every Artist..ie.. Entertainer is found dead in a hotel room from a drug overdose, Does this begin to ring bells are raise eyebrows for anyone else? I guess the public will never know what's going on behind those closed doors in those Hotel Rooms..
Rest in peace Corey, you will be missed for the great work you put fourth.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Aww, Look Kris and Her Newest Grand~Baby, North West...Oh Snap..Wait A Minute> That Baby is Fake!! WTF

With all the fakes and frauds running around on our planet..you would think that one would want to be as real as they possibly could be. A person's word is bond in most cases, but for other's,some action's speaks louder then words..and Kris Jenner actions spoke volumes when she brought a fake new born baby on the set of her show,and tried to pass it off as Kim and Kayne's daughter, North West, however TMZ was on it like white on rice..Quickly pulling Kris Jenner's sheets and covers off her bed by UN~covering that the baby that Kris held snuggled tight in her arms, was actually the property of a hair and make up artist on the set..Smh..Now that's a damn shame!!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman, And The Not Guilty Verdict!!

This is what the Minority Citizens of this great big land of America can now expect from our ever so great Judicial System.. As a Minority, they can expect to be a victim of a hate crime, they can also expect to be disrespected by a member of the Caucasian, and any other race that hates someone all due to the color of the skin they wear, and know that there will be no punishment for the inappropriate behavior that they have displayed, simply because in today's society and the way that the world thinks.." If it's white, then it got's to be right" If you don't speak as they speak or act as they act, well then in fact, you have posed a threat, a threat to anyone banking on you being dummied down to the destructive way's of this world,  how on earth could you be a part of any Revolutionary Movement?

George Zimmerman walks, he is a free man today while a 17-year-old boy lies 6' feet deep in his grave. He will never be allowed the chance to fulfill his dreams. desires, nor his goals. That young man will never have the chance to grow into a man and tell his pop's "Man, thank you, for being a real man, and taking an active role in raising me with my mother, Thank you for teaching me the way, Thank you for instilling good morals and values inside of me..all of those thing's made me the man I am today."

You see, as a Minority, those things become very important, because in a world that spins so slow, where one has to work extra hard at whatever it is that they do to prove to themselves that they are worthy, to prove to you, that they in fact belong in this great ole land of milk and honey, just like the next great man.. George Zimmerman took that gift away from Treyvon and his parent's the night he was shot and murdered, and the thought of any Judicial Justice for Treyvon and his family is now a distant memory.

Where do we go from here, will the minorities of America ever see a fair fight or is it just a lost cause..Was this a case of racism that lead to murder or was Zimmerman protecting himself? If you followed the trial, then you be the judge of those two questions. Are the people of America concerned about just on where we are headed as a society..?

For now we all must continue to fight for the right thing and don't let the wrong decision of our great Judicial System take you out of character..That's just what their banking on!!
Aaahh..Yes, before I forget, is anyone else talking about the infamous wink between Zimmerman and his Lawyer after the verdict was rendered?


Friday, July 12, 2013

In The Case Of Trayvon Martin!?!

  1. Was this a case of racial profiling, or merely a case of self defense? Jurors went into deliberation today and are still deliberating at this time. Will this be another Casey Anthony case? And if Zimmerman walks, will this be another Rodney King,scenario? This may very well turn out to be the  case of the year and could be very disastrous for those looking to seek revenge for Trayvon Martin, If no conviction is rendered. African Americans, have seen these type of assaults in prior years, such as in  the Rodney King case and the many more that just absolutely, have not made it in the media, why is that?
      Let's dwell on that for just a moment can we? While there is so much up~roar Why does the Media and whomever else, exploit the murdering of a young African American by a person of white skin, but thousand of brother's are killed on a daily basis by the hands of another black man and the media could care less--

    You won't see TMZ nor Bossip Magazine, beating down Lil Ray Ray's door to find out why "Hoss" was shot execution style, in his own front yard, in front of his wife and kids.Nooo, you won't see that at all, However,.. what is put in plain view for the world to see.. Society will continue to ignore and sweep the bad under the rugs and sell the dream, that this world is peaches and cream.. Let's pray that for Trayvon's family, that justice will be served.

    "Mom $ Dad


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Too Much

What is it that motivates and keeps one individual going? I would like to chalk it up as dedication, desire and drive. I guess if everyone gave up on their dreams when the going got tough, there would be no successful Artist, Entertainers, Authors or anything else.The thing to always remember is, when life pushes you down.. You must get back up and continue to push forward!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Meek Mills Protege Shot and Killed Thursday At The Young Age Of 18!!!

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Tony Holden in connection to Meek Mills protege Lil Snupe's murder. 36-year-old Holden allegedly shot and killed Lil Snupe, over video games last Thursday in Louisiana.
Holden is a convicted criminal who should be considered armed and dangerous. Lil Snupe was 18-years of age at the time of his death..
Another young life gone over some bullish, The thing that disturbs me about this case, is Lil Snupe was only 18 and here we have this grown decrepit 36-year-old grown man who has taken this child's life! I hope when they catch you and lock you away, that you get just what you deserve! Grease up Bitch!!


The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...