Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Smoke and Screens That Have Been Put in Plain View to See!!

As I look at the world for what it really is, my heart is saddened. Things that are of no importance are blown into this major ordeal..meanwhile, the things that are sending this world to hell in a basket is of no importance at all!
When did grown men start squaring up with teenage boy's? Is our society so far gone that we do not see the wrong in that? When did women start saying that being a mother wasn't an option even though she laid up and had that child.
Why are there so many children living outside of the homes they originate from?
Why are there so many homeless teenager's, Why are our young women glorifying prostitution, teenage parenthood? Why has our educational system given up on the children of today?
We are living in a world where it has become un~safe for our children to attend public high school..Shit we can't even go to the mall or the movies without the fear of being shot down in a violent rage.
Men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men.. This world is confused and corrupt. Giving up anyhing that holds any type of moral values for the ole mighty dollar!
Are we embarking on a world that consists only of one order? Or are we entering a state of Marshall Law?
Let's turn the entertainment off and begin to pay attention to the signs that are obviously in plain sight to see. I can assure you, until we as the people begin to see things cleary, we will continue to live in a cloud of fog unable to see past the smoke and screens that have been put fourth in front of the people.

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