Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Is What I would Say Had You Been A Father On Any Given Day!

Happy father's day, is what I would say, If you had been my father on any given day! You were a coward who ran with your tail between your legs..Lived your life by pimping the game,and playing with people heads.. You told me before that you knew you were my father, but because my mother didn't want a pimp..Your coward ass didn't want a daughter!
I can never respect you or look at you the same..since the day my mother died..I have cursed your name.. I ran to your house the day she died asked ya bitch ass for a ride you said..No.. Too busy getting high!
I hate you because she regretted me all because you were bitch made and by that..I mean sorry! So from me to you Mr. Scatterbrain can you tell I don't give a phuck by the way I blast your name!
Thank you for this life your nut shot out..thank you for not putting one drop of food in my mouth.. Thank you for being a pimp and not a real man, thank you for not playing the responsible hand..

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