Friday, June 14, 2013

As The Blood Gushes From His Head!

I guess you could say, to her love was bliss, although even though her face was often introduced to his fist! With the rage that he harbored deep down inside..he fooled everyone else, but to her.. he couldn't hide.
Coming home when the sun hits the streets, she knew all to well he'd been in someones sheet's, often known to her as a two time cheat..The only reason she stays is because she isn't strong, quite the opposite, she was weak.
She endured the punches to her face, the beating's to the head, she even accepted him sleeping in other women's bed's.
She cooked, she cleaned, she slaved like a dog and at the end of the day, she was treated like a hog, that slept outside in the foul odor pen, she began to feel as if she wanted this shit to end! No longer wanting to fake or pretend, that everything would be alright..
She plotted, she schemed, damn near most of the night, she knew, if she knew nothing else..she was done with this fight.
Pulling in to the drive way, late from work, one hot summer night.. she hops out of bed straight for the kitchen right?
She hurried, she scrambled, as she looked through the drawer, she finally found what she'd been looking for.
As he approaches the door in the dark of the night, she hears him whisper in to the phones receiver "I love you too.. goodnight"
This bitch instantly began to see red, pictured him laying half past dead! She thought "
I'm just gonna shot this Kat in the head..and make believe he didn't exist like that movie "Drop Dead Fred"
She stood behind the wooden double doors, waiting for him to turn the key, once inside the all plush house, she shot him to his knee's he begins to clench his throat in an attempt to grasp for air, she shot again, one more time..this time she didn't care..One more round she let off, this time to the head, she grabbed her suit case, and car keys..Nothing left to be said..She closes the door behind the blood gushes from his head.

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