Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jessica Simpson pregnacy day's are over. It's a boy!!

Jessica Simpson is nnow the proud mother of not one but two children with her last child being a boy..
Congrats lady and enjoy your new bundle of love..

Omarosa's Mom introduces her fist to Claudia, Celebrity Apprentice' Face At The B.E.T Awards!!

Looks like Omarosa's mother acted a fool at the B.E.T. awards, allegedly punching Celebrity Apprentice' alum in the face. Stating that she has filed a report against Omarosa's mother. The attack went down at L.A. Live while Claudia was walking the red carpet.
It's been reported that  Claudia and Omarosa got into a heated verbal exchange -- after Omarosa allegedly called Claudia a "stupid bitch."
The verbal assault continued and when Omarosa's mom overheard it ... she walked by and punched Claudia in the arm. We're told event security then rushed in to break the women up and prevented the incident from escalating further.

Omarosa told TMZ that  ... Claudia started it by pushing her 65-year-old mother. And Omarosa says her mom filed her own police report for assault against Claudia. She says, “I am deeply saddened by Claudia Jordan actions at the BET Awards. After all that my family and I been through this year. She should show at least an ounce of decency and respect “

Wow, not even at the B.E.T Awards can class and sophistcation be shown, It's sad when grown ass women can't step up to the plate and be adults..This type of behavior should be kept behind closed doors and out of the publics eye..But hey, ignorance knows no boundries.. Sad.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luda and Trey Songz.. Being Sued?! For What?!!

Ludacris and Trey Songz, seem to be the target of a law suit over Luda's song "Sex Room"  Marvo, a unknown rapper from Chi~town claims that the song was sold to Luda behind his back, claiming that he actually wrote the song in 2009 a year before the hit was released.
Marvo? let me ask you a question, we are half way in to 2013, if you wrote the song in 2009, tell me. What the hell took you so long to file the claim or say something about it? I know as a writer myself, if I wrote a song and a year later I heard Brandy singing it..I'm calling my lawyers as soon as the song stops playing on the radio!
Seems to me your looking to make a quick dollar off the two Artist.. I'm going to say it out my mouth.. Chalk it up as a lost, and kick rocks with open toe shoes!

Rhianna's in Fear Of Her Life!?!

Rhianna is in fear of her life, coming from reports tha have stated that her lawyers ran to court when a crazy fan or stalker what ever the case may be, was found walking on top of the roof of her home with property maps in hand on June, 17th.
The man is Robert Melanson and has been ordered to stay 100 feet away from Rhianna, the physco was placed in nut farm to further evaluate his mental stability. Here's my take on that. People are sick! Some will stop at nothing to accomplish what they have set fourth, whether that be good or bad, the thing that gets me is, this is not the first incident of an intruder in Rhianna's home. So at this point I guess my question would be..Why isn't she stocking up on security? Rhianna, Chile be safe.. These sickos prey on the weak! 
Take my advice and go beef up your security girl!!

New England "Tight End Reciever" Arrested On Murder Charges!!

New England Patriot's tight end receiver, was arrested for the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, ex-semi pro football player. Hernandez was taken into custody at his home in Massachuetts, he is set to be arraigned later today.
Law enforcement reports that Hernandez may have destroyed evidence,if so he can be looking to face charges for obstruction as well, as it stands now, no formal charges have been brought against him.
Odins body was found located in a park, near Hernandez home, he had been shot through the back of his head.
Lloyds family is stating that both Hernandez and Lloyd did in fact know one another, however won't elaborate on how the two were connected..
Smh...That's your ass Aaron! I would say good luck with all of this, but sweety with the charges your facing..your gonna need a helluva lot more then luck, 23-years of age, and already, it's a wrap for you.Sad.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Real House Wife of Atlanta Star Nene Leaks and Greg Re-Married!!

NeNe Leaks and Greg have officially tied the not..Again! The couple re-newed their vows in a very plush ceremony in Atlanta, on June, 22nd The nuptials took place at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta hotel.
The Real House Wife of Atlanta star and Gregg were married for 13 years before divorcing in 2011. The pair reconciled and she announced their engagement in January.
congratulations Nene and Greg.. We here at wellsink, Hopes the shid works out!! Best of wishes.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aaron Hernandez "Patriot's Tight End Reciever, faces Murder Charges!

Authorities where back inside the home of Aaron Hernandez, looking for any ties that he may have to the murder of Odin Lloyd (a semi~pro football player) found shot in the head, not too far from Hernandez home. Law Officials entered the home of Hernandez, in Massachusetts, Saturday afternoon with police dogs and the whole nine yards, leaving the residence around five pm with bags of evidence in tow.. It appears that this Patriot's " tight end" just may be tampered with if convicted and found guilty of this murder.. Hey Aaron! Good luck with that!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kim and Kayne Await The Arrival Of Their New Born Baby At Cedar~Sinai!

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, check in at Cedar- Sinai, anxiously waiting the arrival of their new born baby, who by the way, is making his/her grand entrance 5 weeks early! Congratulations you guys.. Enjoy not ever getting another good night's rest! That's a wrap.. Welcome to Parent hood..Smile.

"Tony Soprano" AKA James Gandolfini, Dies At The Ripe Age Of 51!

 James Gandolfini, died at 51 years of age, he was in Italy attending the 59th Taormina Film Festival. James quickly became a star in his role as " Tony Soprano" on the HBO hit series the
It has been reported that James died from a heart attack. It just goes to show how one is not guaranteed tomorrow and how essential it is to maintain those early check ups, especially if you are over the age of 30, Heart Disease is a mean disease that has no compassion. Our prayers are being sent out to the Gandolfini family..May you rest in peace James, you were one helluva actor!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Is What I would Say Had You Been A Father On Any Given Day!

Happy father's day, is what I would say, If you had been my father on any given day! You were a coward who ran with your tail between your legs..Lived your life by pimping the game,and playing with people heads.. You told me before that you knew you were my father, but because my mother didn't want a pimp..Your coward ass didn't want a daughter!
I can never respect you or look at you the same..since the day my mother died..I have cursed your name.. I ran to your house the day she died asked ya bitch ass for a ride you said..No.. Too busy getting high!
I hate you because she regretted me all because you were bitch made and by that..I mean sorry! So from me to you Mr. Scatterbrain can you tell I don't give a phuck by the way I blast your name!
Thank you for this life your nut shot out..thank you for not putting one drop of food in my mouth.. Thank you for being a pimp and not a real man, thank you for not playing the responsible hand..

Friday, June 14, 2013

As The Blood Gushes From His Head!

I guess you could say, to her love was bliss, although even though her face was often introduced to his fist! With the rage that he harbored deep down inside..he fooled everyone else, but to her.. he couldn't hide.
Coming home when the sun hits the streets, she knew all to well he'd been in someones sheet's, often known to her as a two time cheat..The only reason she stays is because she isn't strong, quite the opposite, she was weak.
She endured the punches to her face, the beating's to the head, she even accepted him sleeping in other women's bed's.
She cooked, she cleaned, she slaved like a dog and at the end of the day, she was treated like a hog, that slept outside in the foul odor pen, she began to feel as if she wanted this shit to end! No longer wanting to fake or pretend, that everything would be alright..
She plotted, she schemed, damn near most of the night, she knew, if she knew nothing else..she was done with this fight.
Pulling in to the drive way, late from work, one hot summer night.. she hops out of bed straight for the kitchen right?
She hurried, she scrambled, as she looked through the drawer, she finally found what she'd been looking for.
As he approaches the door in the dark of the night, she hears him whisper in to the phones receiver "I love you too.. goodnight"
This bitch instantly began to see red, pictured him laying half past dead! She thought "
I'm just gonna shot this Kat in the head..and make believe he didn't exist like that movie "Drop Dead Fred"
She stood behind the wooden double doors, waiting for him to turn the key, once inside the all plush house, she shot him to his knee's he begins to clench his throat in an attempt to grasp for air, she shot again, one more time..this time she didn't care..One more round she let off, this time to the head, she grabbed her suit case, and car keys..Nothing left to be said..She closes the door behind the blood gushes from his head.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If Ya Lies Ain't Addin' Up..Then How Can It Make Sense?!

Yes, this rain symbolises all the heartache and pain..every time I looked through a barred wire window reminds me of when the world forgot my name...When I almost....let life drive me insane..Hear my voice now..and I dare you to forget my name..not feel my pain.. walk away from this with something to gain..leaving marks on your body as if you were covered in cherry stains.. Leaking from this lyrical game, that this tongue keeps slashin you wit..Walking away with you paying for this lyrical spit.. I'm comin at you like you was my hoe and bish I'm ya pimp.. If you lies ain't addin' up then how can it make cents!

The Smoke and Screens That Have Been Put in Plain View to See!!

As I look at the world for what it really is, my heart is saddened. Things that are of no importance are blown into this major ordeal..meanwhile, the things that are sending this world to hell in a basket is of no importance at all!
When did grown men start squaring up with teenage boy's? Is our society so far gone that we do not see the wrong in that? When did women start saying that being a mother wasn't an option even though she laid up and had that child.
Why are there so many children living outside of the homes they originate from?
Why are there so many homeless teenager's, Why are our young women glorifying prostitution, teenage parenthood? Why has our educational system given up on the children of today?
We are living in a world where it has become un~safe for our children to attend public high school..Shit we can't even go to the mall or the movies without the fear of being shot down in a violent rage.
Men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men.. This world is confused and corrupt. Giving up anyhing that holds any type of moral values for the ole mighty dollar!
Are we embarking on a world that consists only of one order? Or are we entering a state of Marshall Law?
Let's turn the entertainment off and begin to pay attention to the signs that are obviously in plain sight to see. I can assure you, until we as the people begin to see things cleary, we will continue to live in a cloud of fog unable to see past the smoke and screens that have been put fourth in front of the people.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BMI Wants Bar and Resturant Owners To Pay Like They Weigh!!

 BMI,  the famous music licensing company -- has filed lawsuits against 12 bars and restaurants around the world, claiming the establishments has been playing their songs without paying a licensing fee. Here's the thing.  For every BMI song that gets played on a bar jukebox or by a DJ without the proper fee being paid, BMI is entitled to $150,000 in damages.  So "Love Child" could literally put a bar out of  business.

Some sources are stating, that the way BMI chose the business, they were to sue, was in fact random.  Some of the targets are The Fox Hole in West Jordan, Utah, Mojo Main in Newark, Delaware, Whiskey River Ranch, in Springfield, Oregon, Whiskey Bones Roadhouse in Rochester, Minnesota, Kildare's Irish Pub in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Pig 'N' Whistle in NYC.

I guess you could say that the message BMI is trying to get out there is.. Ain't shid free! Pay like you would weigh, Restaurant and Bar owners!!

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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