Friday, May 17, 2013

Why is Haterism Proudly Worn on Your Sleeve?!!

When did haterism become a fad? I mean, people now days walk around freely promoting haterism on their sleeves. I have never been the type to wish bad on anyone, but there have been many who has wished to see me fall at rapid rates. I find myself asking the same question over and over again,.. Why is it so hard for other's to accept someone's success?
What's really ironic is, the main people that are usually wishing you ill feelings is most often the person right in front of your face.. your so called best friend, your so called family, your wanna be associates, and anyone one else who secretly lies waiting for you to fall flat on your face.

The thing to do when faced with such ignorance and jealousy, because essentially, that's what it all boils down to..Jealousy, is to do it movin at rocket rates.. Your the envy of every green eye for many reasons..maybe you were once the ugly duckling that grew up to be the boss of all bosses and your haters can not stand the fact that you.. this one time loser turned out to be the hand that feeds you! Or it could be that you may have possibly out shined the next Mofo, and they just are not equipped to deal with reality..
I myself have been the target of hate, any time ANYONE spends all day and all night to keep me from broadcasting my show or writing a blog is surely a hater..
 Why go to the extremes to change passwords and emails to keep me out of my own business affairs. Yes, your a hater and a coward, because obviously, you have some type of issue with me, but you refuse to reveal yourself.. So I have to stoop down to your level  and write it in a blog..
I know your eyes are all over this blog like white on rice!! Whomever you are get a life.. You will not..can not stop me!! Did you see the pic of the new whip? Picture me rollin you hatin azz bish!!

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