Monday, May 6, 2013

What's the Beef About When It Comes to Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne?

What's all the beef about between Trick Daddy and Lil Wanye? Allegedly, a guy from Trick Daddy's group threw a cigarette in Waynes dread's. Now if you can recall this feud goes back quite a ways..
Now, Trick Daddy states that he is willing to sit down, and discuss the whole matter as Men, and air it all out in the open, however, instead of apologizing for the whole "Cigarette in the dreads bit" Trick just added insult to injury by stating "If i wanted to start shit with Lil Wayne, he would have been hospitalized for something other then a seizure."
Whoa! Hey Lil Wayne those are fighting words to me..What will you have to say in your defense...We can't wait to hear what the comeback will be.

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