Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sendin' You The Phuck Off!!

Ssshh.. it's okay, dry your wet eye's.. they was fake from the start, you could see the hate in em..when you looked "through" their eye's, shouldn't be shocked, shouldn't be confused..shouldn't even be surprised.. should have know from the beginning..the only truth they knew...was falsehood and lies!
Smoke that dope, drink that drink, letcha life past you by.. no all you can do is get high.. Find yaself in despair, shakin ya head.. won~der~in..why??
Truth is.. the whole relationship was built on damn lies.. never a friend, always a foe, couldn't see..past those phucked..ass.. times..
Vision is clear, rose filled glasses are off,  tell me what do you see?  no sense in trying to've been spotted..even under your dark shade tree..Time to renige on this game as if we were playin spades..nah..I'm ko, don't play "go fish.." let the kid's play that game..
More lies then the truth, it's a got damn shame..shootin' babies outcha sac..just to carry your name, "family" so cold wit it, can't even begin to explain..
Fake is, is what fake does.. A fake muthafuka get's shown no love! Don't trip ain't no discrimination here.. wear two faces round me..see how fast I dissappear! Playin that role like John Travolta in "Face Off" showin the real I'm sendin you the phuck off! Keep doin whatcha do!!
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