Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have You Ever Wondered Why It Is Difficult To Find Love In Adulthood?

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard as adults to find that soul mate that we have all desperately at some point in our lives have searched for? Maybe this doesn't even apply to you, because you have either been married for some time, or you have been with your high school sweetheart, since graduating high school.
For those of you who are not swimming in the dating pool, how fortunate are you?
However,for those men and women that have been on one terrible date after another, then this blog is for you.

Have you ever met someone, and in the beginning this person seemed to be, the best damn thang since peanut butter, only to find out some time later..that ya azz was played like that saxophone that sits in the corner of your bedroom!
You find yourself wondering.. "Bish" Where the hell were you hiding, prior to me falling in love! (and a bish, does come in both male and female form..)
It wasn't that the person that you have fell in love with has all of a sudden left the building...shid,..no one was home in the first place! A person will never come out, when first meeting a person and say, "Hey I'm going to put it all on the table right now.. ( unless their a realest like me..)

  I'm a woman beater, who feels that a woman's place is in the home bare foot and pregnant taking of the children, while I bar hop, sleep with every woman who looks eye appealing after a long night of hanging on the bike set, drinking every brand of liquor that one could possibly imagine... yea..right..or better yet, could you imagine a woman coming straight out and saying.." Look, I'm married with children and every now and then I have a re-occurring bout of Herpes and sometimes I may try and perform some type of voodoo on you,by using menstrual blood as an ingredient for my spaghetti!!" Wtf?! could you imagine how many Kat's would be in jail fighting D.V. cases? sheesh..
This is why we must be careful when dating these men and women, especially if your meeting these crazies on the Internet.. Listen, you can't be mad if your dumb ass fell in love with Mr/Mrs wrong..You never investigated to see if the shid was right! You fell in love with a picture..Only to find out that either the picture was taken when "they Use to be skinny" or before the sex change..or even better before the 25 year bid he/she may have done in the penitentiary..
Yes.. people, this is the world we now live in. Love? Relationship's now seem a thing of the past, it has become to convenient to say f@%k it.."On to the next one" but is that really safe, with all the STD's that the American people are now faced with?... Everything has become rushed...and does not last..Can I share something with you? A relationship that starts fast..ends fast..real


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