Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gay Kayne? Miley Makes out with Rhianna, Chris Brown and his fender bender.. This is Wellsink Entertainment News in less then 60 Seconds!!

Seems to be a lot going on in the entertainment world theses day's, Miley and Rhianna may possibly be sharing an intimate moment with one another in the near future: With both women saying that they wouldn't mind "doing" one another.
Chris Brown and his Range Roover involved in a rear ender early this morning, with the car that was rear ended suffering minimal damage.

Lil Scrappy failed a court ordered drug test, and is now admitting that he has an addiction to them trees that blow in a high speed wind, and because he failed to pass on the Mary Jane drug test, he will now be facing a Rehab facility for treatment... Come on!! Are you serious? Lil Scrappy has to go to rehab because he likes to smoke weed, eat, laugh, and then pass the f@%ck out!! Who dosen't blow weed smoke in this millenium? I hardly find that a reason to check him self in to rehab...Society has their priorities all F..ked up!!  
Is Kayne Gay?!
Kim Kardashian Defends gay Kayne rumors, Some Tabloids and Media Sources, have recently been quoted saying that Kayne West is in fact gay and is carrying on a bromance with fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci, Welp.. If I said it once, I'll say it twice!! Who the hell cares?! I personally could care less who Kayne chooses to stick it to "Literally" I mean are we still shocked that there are many men in the Entertainment industry that just isn't feeling women at all.. same goes for women.. Let people live, stop being so judgemental, because after all we are not entitled to tell anyone that they are not entitled to be in love with whom they want to be in love with! And if this rumor turns out to be true..Then Kim, maybe it's time you look deep..before the next time you leap your dehydrated ass into yet another failed relationship..

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