Friday, May 31, 2013

Can You Still Hear Me Speak!

Is it too  much to ask.. to be let be, like that kat, That just got done doin that long bid and now about to be set free..? Was this really my destiny? I mean it has to be.. something higher keeps..umm.. callin me, got that third eye..I've always been "awake"  can you see? Got that knowledge for that ass.. are you..Thirsty? This world on my shoulder, done got.. heavy! Decisions to make..could me?..

Wishin' my hater's on my worst enemies, I guess you could's revenge that I seek!! Just when you thought.. you were preying on the weak, I left you tongue tied, Unable to speak.. My stomach's on full..Don't  trip..we eat..You must be the lonely kind..that beat's on ya own meat.. Shut me down for like a week.. It's Okayyyy.. Can.. you.. still hear me speak?

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