Friday, May 31, 2013

Busted up knee means Busted and Broken Tour Plans for Big Boi Co-Founder of "Outcast"

Ouchh!! Look's like "Big Boi" from "Outcast" won't be jumping around on no ones stage, for at least another six weeks. He was diagnoised with having a "Torn patellar tendon" After performingt a concert, some day's ago. Big boi was fias if he finishing up his performance, when he jumped up as if he were getting ready to take flight to the moon, Unfortunately, his landing reflexes were all the way off, because he came right down and landed on his knee! Damn Big Boi I know that hurt.. On a positive note... This Co-Founder of "Outcast" won't be held down fa too long, he states "he'll be back on stage in six week's" and hopefully the next time Big Boi tries to jump his azz in the air.. He at least land on both feet! Get well soon Big Boi, from everyone here@ Wellsink

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