Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bobby Valentino, Puts on his best performance yet, In a Hotel room with a video vixin taping their sexcapade..

What? Bobby Valentino,made a sex video and I'm just now learning of  this! I can only imagine the women and men that are speeding through lanes trying to get their hands on that video, Don't be alarmed when you hear the "Beep Beep" of my whip, switching lanes, with the rest of everyone else, trying to get a peek at Mr. Bobby V.. sources state that Bobby V, gave this video vixen the business and in multiple rooms too.. Yep, from what Sources state Mr. Valentino will surely make ya mouth water in this steamy video... Ummm...
  who wants to see Bobby V get his freak on? Apparently me and a whole lot of more of his die hard fans wouldn't mind seeing, just what this sexy mofo is working with... You go boi, I guess if ya got it..why not flaunt it..

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