Friday, May 31, 2013

Can You Still Hear Me Speak!

Is it too  much to ask.. to be let be, like that kat, That just got done doin that long bid and now about to be set free..? Was this really my destiny? I mean it has to be.. something higher keeps..umm.. callin me, got that third eye..I've always been "awake"  can you see? Got that knowledge for that ass.. are you..Thirsty? This world on my shoulder, done got.. heavy! Decisions to make..could me?..

Wishin' my hater's on my worst enemies, I guess you could's revenge that I seek!! Just when you thought.. you were preying on the weak, I left you tongue tied, Unable to speak.. My stomach's on full..Don't  trip..we eat..You must be the lonely kind..that beat's on ya own meat.. Shut me down for like a week.. It's Okayyyy.. Can.. you.. still hear me speak?

Busted up knee means Busted and Broken Tour Plans for Big Boi Co-Founder of "Outcast"

Ouchh!! Look's like "Big Boi" from "Outcast" won't be jumping around on no ones stage, for at least another six weeks. He was diagnoised with having a "Torn patellar tendon" After performingt a concert, some day's ago. Big boi was fias if he finishing up his performance, when he jumped up as if he were getting ready to take flight to the moon, Unfortunately, his landing reflexes were all the way off, because he came right down and landed on his knee! Damn Big Boi I know that hurt.. On a positive note... This Co-Founder of "Outcast" won't be held down fa too long, he states "he'll be back on stage in six week's" and hopefully the next time Big Boi tries to jump his azz in the air.. He at least land on both feet! Get well soon Big Boi, from everyone here@ Wellsink

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gay Kayne? Miley Makes out with Rhianna, Chris Brown and his fender bender.. This is Wellsink Entertainment News in less then 60 Seconds!!

Seems to be a lot going on in the entertainment world theses day's, Miley and Rhianna may possibly be sharing an intimate moment with one another in the near future: With both women saying that they wouldn't mind "doing" one another.
Chris Brown and his Range Roover involved in a rear ender early this morning, with the car that was rear ended suffering minimal damage.

Lil Scrappy failed a court ordered drug test, and is now admitting that he has an addiction to them trees that blow in a high speed wind, and because he failed to pass on the Mary Jane drug test, he will now be facing a Rehab facility for treatment... Come on!! Are you serious? Lil Scrappy has to go to rehab because he likes to smoke weed, eat, laugh, and then pass the f@%ck out!! Who dosen't blow weed smoke in this millenium? I hardly find that a reason to check him self in to rehab...Society has their priorities all F..ked up!!  
Is Kayne Gay?!
Kim Kardashian Defends gay Kayne rumors, Some Tabloids and Media Sources, have recently been quoted saying that Kayne West is in fact gay and is carrying on a bromance with fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci, Welp.. If I said it once, I'll say it twice!! Who the hell cares?! I personally could care less who Kayne chooses to stick it to "Literally" I mean are we still shocked that there are many men in the Entertainment industry that just isn't feeling women at all.. same goes for women.. Let people live, stop being so judgemental, because after all we are not entitled to tell anyone that they are not entitled to be in love with whom they want to be in love with! And if this rumor turns out to be true..Then Kim, maybe it's time you look deep..before the next time you leap your dehydrated ass into yet another failed relationship..

Monday, May 20, 2013

Will Miley Cyrus and Rhianna Soon Be Spotted Making Out With One Another??!

 Looks if Miley Cyrus and Rhianna, just may very well be hooking up in the near future. Sources state that the question had been posed to Miley " would she consider a make out session with Rhianna and of course.. the answer was yes. TMZ, recently caught up with Rhianna and asked the same question that was asked to Miley, This was Rhianna's response..She too would love her chance with Miley as soon as she hits up her line. Whoa!!, I guess this is every man's dream to see two women get down..Well all that's missing now, is a room, dim light's and a camera, and it's on!
Watch out world..will we soon be talking about a sex tape made by Rhianna and Miley? Guess that remains to be seen.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why is Haterism Proudly Worn on Your Sleeve?!!

When did haterism become a fad? I mean, people now days walk around freely promoting haterism on their sleeves. I have never been the type to wish bad on anyone, but there have been many who has wished to see me fall at rapid rates. I find myself asking the same question over and over again,.. Why is it so hard for other's to accept someone's success?
What's really ironic is, the main people that are usually wishing you ill feelings is most often the person right in front of your face.. your so called best friend, your so called family, your wanna be associates, and anyone one else who secretly lies waiting for you to fall flat on your face.

The thing to do when faced with such ignorance and jealousy, because essentially, that's what it all boils down to..Jealousy, is to do it movin at rocket rates.. Your the envy of every green eye for many reasons..maybe you were once the ugly duckling that grew up to be the boss of all bosses and your haters can not stand the fact that you.. this one time loser turned out to be the hand that feeds you! Or it could be that you may have possibly out shined the next Mofo, and they just are not equipped to deal with reality..
I myself have been the target of hate, any time ANYONE spends all day and all night to keep me from broadcasting my show or writing a blog is surely a hater..
 Why go to the extremes to change passwords and emails to keep me out of my own business affairs. Yes, your a hater and a coward, because obviously, you have some type of issue with me, but you refuse to reveal yourself.. So I have to stoop down to your level  and write it in a blog..
I know your eyes are all over this blog like white on rice!! Whomever you are get a life.. You will not..can not stop me!! Did you see the pic of the new whip? Picture me rollin you hatin azz bish!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bobby Valentino, Puts on his best performance yet, In a Hotel room with a video vixin taping their sexcapade..

What? Bobby Valentino,made a sex video and I'm just now learning of  this! I can only imagine the women and men that are speeding through lanes trying to get their hands on that video, Don't be alarmed when you hear the "Beep Beep" of my whip, switching lanes, with the rest of everyone else, trying to get a peek at Mr. Bobby V.. sources state that Bobby V, gave this video vixen the business and in multiple rooms too.. Yep, from what Sources state Mr. Valentino will surely make ya mouth water in this steamy video... Ummm...
  who wants to see Bobby V get his freak on? Apparently me and a whole lot of more of his die hard fans wouldn't mind seeing, just what this sexy mofo is working with... You go boi, I guess if ya got it..why not flaunt it..

Friday, May 10, 2013

Why Was Malcolm X Grandson, Killed In Mexico Thursday?!

Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of murdered civil rights leader Malcolm X family,is planning to head to Mexico, so they can identify his remains and claim them," said Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem. The Shabazz family has  been private in dealing with their grief. They have not yet released a formal statement, he was
28-years-old at the time of his death. Unconfirmed reports are now stating, he was killed during a robbery attempt in Tijuana. Wow, now that just beats all.. I bet Malcolm X is turning in his got damn grave right now.. What a tragedy, Wellsink  sends our prayer's out to your family, and may you now Rest in "peace" Malcolm. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rapper Chris Kelly, Put To Rest In A Emotional Atlanta Ceremony..

Memorial Service are being held today in Atlanta in memory of Rapper Chris Kelly, from the rap duo Kriss Kross in the early "90's", with artist showing up with their pants turned backwards, from names such as Da Brat, Xscape, another group from the 9o's was also in attendance and performed as well.. "Daddy Mac, the light skinned one, for those who don't know, had a hard time trying to speak through his very emotional speech" Oh yea.. Jermaine Dupri's ass was in attendance too..
As "Wellsink" reported last week, Kelly had been found dead in his Atlanta, Georgia home, last week.. Leaving alot of unsolved questions. It will be interesting to see what the autopsy proves. Chris Kelly was 34 at his time of death.

This Ceremony is so heartfelt..You will be missed
Chris, Watch video of funeral, provided by TMZ

Sendin' You The Phuck Off!!

Ssshh.. it's okay, dry your wet eye's.. they was fake from the start, you could see the hate in em..when you looked "through" their eye's, shouldn't be shocked, shouldn't be confused..shouldn't even be surprised.. should have know from the beginning..the only truth they knew...was falsehood and lies!
Smoke that dope, drink that drink, letcha life past you by.. no all you can do is get high.. Find yaself in despair, shakin ya head.. won~der~in..why??
Truth is.. the whole relationship was built on damn lies.. never a friend, always a foe, couldn't see..past those phucked..ass.. times..
Vision is clear, rose filled glasses are off,  tell me what do you see?  no sense in trying to've been spotted..even under your dark shade tree..Time to renige on this game as if we were playin spades..nah..I'm ko, don't play "go fish.." let the kid's play that game..
More lies then the truth, it's a got damn shame..shootin' babies outcha sac..just to carry your name, "family" so cold wit it, can't even begin to explain..
Fake is, is what fake does.. A fake muthafuka get's shown no love! Don't trip ain't no discrimination here.. wear two faces round me..see how fast I dissappear! Playin that role like John Travolta in "Face Off" showin the real I'm sendin you the phuck off! Keep doin whatcha do!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have You Ever Wondered Why It Is Difficult To Find Love In Adulthood?

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard as adults to find that soul mate that we have all desperately at some point in our lives have searched for? Maybe this doesn't even apply to you, because you have either been married for some time, or you have been with your high school sweetheart, since graduating high school.
For those of you who are not swimming in the dating pool, how fortunate are you?
However,for those men and women that have been on one terrible date after another, then this blog is for you.

Have you ever met someone, and in the beginning this person seemed to be, the best damn thang since peanut butter, only to find out some time later..that ya azz was played like that saxophone that sits in the corner of your bedroom!
You find yourself wondering.. "Bish" Where the hell were you hiding, prior to me falling in love! (and a bish, does come in both male and female form..)
It wasn't that the person that you have fell in love with has all of a sudden left the building...shid, one was home in the first place! A person will never come out, when first meeting a person and say, "Hey I'm going to put it all on the table right now.. ( unless their a realest like me..)

  I'm a woman beater, who feels that a woman's place is in the home bare foot and pregnant taking of the children, while I bar hop, sleep with every woman who looks eye appealing after a long night of hanging on the bike set, drinking every brand of liquor that one could possibly imagine... yea..right..or better yet, could you imagine a woman coming straight out and saying.." Look, I'm married with children and every now and then I have a re-occurring bout of Herpes and sometimes I may try and perform some type of voodoo on you,by using menstrual blood as an ingredient for my spaghetti!!" Wtf?! could you imagine how many Kat's would be in jail fighting D.V. cases? sheesh..
This is why we must be careful when dating these men and women, especially if your meeting these crazies on the Internet.. Listen, you can't be mad if your dumb ass fell in love with Mr/Mrs wrong..You never investigated to see if the shid was right! You fell in love with a picture..Only to find out that either the picture was taken when "they Use to be skinny" or before the sex change..or even better before the 25 year bid he/she may have done in the penitentiary..
Yes.. people, this is the world we now live in. Love? Relationship's now seem a thing of the past, it has become to convenient to say f@%k it.."On to the next one" but is that really safe, with all the STD's that the American people are now faced with?... Everything has become rushed...and does not last..Can I share something with you? A relationship that starts fast..ends fast..real


Monday, May 6, 2013

What's the Beef About When It Comes to Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne?

What's all the beef about between Trick Daddy and Lil Wanye? Allegedly, a guy from Trick Daddy's group threw a cigarette in Waynes dread's. Now if you can recall this feud goes back quite a ways..
Now, Trick Daddy states that he is willing to sit down, and discuss the whole matter as Men, and air it all out in the open, however, instead of apologizing for the whole "Cigarette in the dreads bit" Trick just added insult to injury by stating "If i wanted to start shit with Lil Wayne, he would have been hospitalized for something other then a seizure."
Whoa! Hey Lil Wayne those are fighting words to me..What will you have to say in your defense...We can't wait to hear what the comeback will be.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Newly Released Information On the Death of Kriss Kross Rapper Chris Kelly


Newly released information on the death of Chris Kelly "Kris Kross"

Allegedly, Chris had popped back on the music scene back in February.Allegedly, Chris had a long battle with drugs, however, Wellsink learned that Chris had cleaned up, and was ready to take the music industry by it's horns. With Kelly stepping back in the game, his pockets stepped up as well. Sources have stated that in Kelly's last day's, he was seen out in Atlanta, partying with some of the top artist, having a good time. Kelly's mother told police that he had been doing speed ball's " coke and heroin mixed together" on Tuesday night.

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Chris Kelly from 1990's Kriss Kross, Found Dead on Wednesday!!

Chris Kelly of the '90s rap duo Kriss Kross has died, confirms the Associated Press. He was 34. Kelly, was reportedly found unresponsive in his Atlanta home Wednesday. The cause of death has yet to be determined, and an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.
Kriss Kross was known for the hit "Jump" from their 1992 debut album, "Totally Krossed Out," and their backwards clothes.

 Kelly and Smith reunited in February for a 20th anniversary concert celebrating Dupri's So So Def Recordings. Below is a recent photo of Kelly, which So So Def shared Wednesday night on Instagram, along with Kriss Kross' "Jump" video and their reunion performance.
Wow, this comes as a shock for everyone who grew up "Jumpin around, and wearnin' their cloths backwards"
Damn, Chris you will be missed

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miley, Your Hot, But Your No Rhianna..

Whil TMZ states that Miley Cyrus is decked out in her Rhianna chic, other's may very well be wondering why is she being compared to Rhianna? being that I have never seen Rhianna dress quite like that. Although the high heels were cute... that's about all that was. Miley had been spotted at a gas station in Studio City, sporting a black plain tee-shirt, that read "sex, drugs, and rap" with a pair of way too short booty shorts, and a pair of black heels, with a red baseball cap turned to the back..
I love you Miley, however that look was not rockin! Don't let TMZ or anyone else convince you of anything different!

Lil Wayne Hospitalized At Cedar-Sinai in L.A. for Yet Another Seziure.

 Lil Wayne suffers from yet another seizure, and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai in L.A. by his bodyguards late Tuesday night. Reportedly Weezy had one single seizure and was discharged from the hospital early this morning.
Wayne has stated that he has suffered from this crippling disease since childhood. Back in March Wayne was hospitalized for a week after nearly dying from having an attack.
Weezy, with the condition that you suffer from, you have to learn when to slow it down..take it easy.. You know as well as I do that this disease prevents oxygen getting to the brain once you begin to seize. You have your daughter to stick around for. Take care of yourself Lil Wayne, that disease is nothing to play with.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...