Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Will Global Warming Send American Women Down The Road of Prostitution? That's What The House Of Democrats Is Saying..

According to Democrats,Climate Change will affect women worse than men and could force poor women into the sex trade. Claiming, insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STDs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health," Democrats also claim that changes in the climate will put added stress on female farm workers and will hurt "marginalized" women like refugees, adolescent girls, and women and young girls suffering with HIV.

 "My resolution will affirm the commitment to include and empower women in economic development planning and international climate change policies and practices," Lee told The Hill. "This will help communities adapt to climate impacts, and embark on a path towards clean and sustainable development."

 The resolution has stated that the ability of women to adapt to climate change is "constrained by a lack of economic freedoms, property and inheritance rights, as well as access to financial resources, education, family planning and reproductive health, and new tools, equipment, and technology."

It calls on Congress to use "gender-specific frameworks in developing policies to address climate change" and encourages President Obama to "integrate a gender approach in all policies and programs" related to climate change.

Ladies, there has never been more of an urgency then now, to start thinking and planning ahead for the future of our daughter's and ourselves! Thing's are beginning to change here on this earth and rapidly! For those women that are single and barely making ends meet currently.. Instead of going out and spending your last dime on hair, nails, eyebrows and what ever else it is that we as women utilize to make ourselves feel pretty.. STOP! and begin to invest that money for a rainy day, because I'm here to tell you..we're headed for a storm!!


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