Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why Are We Seeing More And More Father's Taking Care Of Their Children?

We have entered into a day and age where we are seeing  more and more men taking the responsibility of taking care of their children. Although, it is comforting to see these men holding down the fork or at least trying to hold it down, But why are we seeing this more today then ever?
I think I may have that answer or  at lease a partial answer for you.
Some women of today, just are not domestic. I think that women have moved away from the Martha Stewart life and right into Cooperate America. Women want to be free and independent.
When a woman has a child at an early age, she has essentially given up her life to take care of the needs of her family.
Women no longer want to play that role, no longer wanting to be the nanny, maid or the cook. Women want the freedom of being able to make her own money. That I think is one of the reasons that we find the men of today taking care of their children.
Now there is a flip side to all of this which is, that there are women that just simply isn't capable of being a mother, whether the reason being she is on drugs, incarcerated or just plain ole UN-fit.
It's good to know that when are children of today's society are not being treated fairly...that there's always daddy to pick up those pieces! I commend all the father's that have stepped up to the plate to do the responsible thing...Now that's what I call being a father.. Kudos to all the real men doing the right thing!!!

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