Saturday, April 6, 2013

" This Woman in Red is Off the Chain, Some Would Say, She Got's a Vicious Head Game!!...

Beauty on the outside, knowing one day that would fade, in the back of her mind she thought "Then what will I trade" She dismissed the thought as quick as it entered her mind, she looked down at the watch on her wrist and noticed she was running out of time. The smell of the men, the stench from their breath, still can't figure out how she got in this mess... She put her hands together and in went her face, right then, right there, she had found that quiet space.. Yes, she was in search of like a desperate need,.. well, let me fast forward this and bring you up to speed.. This chic was loony, a physicatrist is what she made need.
As she counted. One down already, her goal was ten, getting enjoyment from the pain that she caused all men! Something like a viper..a black widow at best, Venom so potent, head game was the best, have you wrapped up in her web of love, her mind fuckin' was the best it was other body part's  they wanted to test!
She banked.. damn near needed for them to be captured by her word's.. she got right to the point, that bullshit was for the bird's!
She was in love with the game....this game she would play, never would they realize,,it was judgement day! Yes, she would lure these men to come out and play, hanging on to every word that these men would say,..pretending to be interested in what they said..but her ultimate destination was to get them in bed..then give them that head that she had bragged about.. so eager for her to insert them in her mouth..
She would drop to the ground, bending at the knees..remember her goal, was to aim to please, at lease in their mind that's what they thought! Not knowing that this was more then some head that they just bought.
With one swift motion of her hand, down to the bed went this man.. He fondled his pockets in search of a luck...Then he thought maybe she has one..
She smiles and nods as if she had read his mind, all while he is thinking.."I found the right one this time."
She opened her fur, wearning nothing but skin, this game she was sure to win, she came for pure enjoyment and fun..she reached into her fur and pulled out that gun..POP!! game over.. looks like she won..killing him instantly with that little ass gun. She patted him down..reached out with the cash..This kat died trying to buy some ass, was the thought that ran through this chic's head as she removed the axe from the side of the bed, in one quick motion she chopped off his head,, mumbling to herself..I gotta get this to fred.. Who would of thought that this woman  in red..was a hit man that would kill ya ass dead!!
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