Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jenlle Evans, Former Teen Mom Reality Star, is a Dopefiend Who Needs To Seek Some Serious Professional Help!!

 Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom reality star, has been arrested yet again. This time for Domestic Violence
against her husband Courtland Rogers.  Jenelle at 21, has seen the walls behind closed bars on more then one occasions, and it appears that she has not learned her lesson. At the time of her arrest she was in possession of Heroin as well as Percocet, a narcotic prescribed by a Physician.
Prior to her recent arrest, it is alleged that she had been in rehab all of four days before calling it quits and checking out on her own, claiming that "she is not addicted to drugs, but is in fact a dope fiend to relationships! A warrant had also been issued for non-payment of child support. What a shame. Jenelle your mother was right in gaining custody of  your son " Jace."

I would say we are all rooting for you, however i have been keeping a close eye on you since "Teen Mom" and you know what I think?
"Jace" needs to stay right where he is at, with his grandmother, because if he were in your custody..he wouldn't have a fighting chance in hell!! Good Luck to you. 

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