Monday, April 22, 2013

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, Takes her Daughter and Father to Neogotiate a Porn Deal?!!! No Respect!

"Teen Mom," Farrah Abraham has pulled the ultimate no, no.. It's bad enough that she has this "Alleged" sex tape floating about, but how dare you take your daughter and father, to the "Sex Tape Negotiation."  If you haven't already heard, Farrah has admitted to the filming of the raunchy sex tape.. however, she is demanding a boat load of money for the release of the tape.
Former, Teen Mon star went on to say that she is in negotiation with two other company's and is seriously thinking about taking up "Vivid's" offer.
I'm not quite sure who you think you are or what you think that your entitled to Farrah, but just because you have spread your legs and laid up and brought a child in this world, does not entitle the world, MTV, or the Porn Industry, to pay you one red cent!, One would think that your focus would be on your daughter and what she may think of you, once she grows up, and her and her boyfriend decide to go to their nearest porn store, to cop a sex video, could you imagine how she would feel if the video she had been viewing were of you in your younger years? Farrah here is what I need you to take from all of what I have just said.
It's time to grow up and be the mother that you are. You made that bed, now lye in it, and do the responsible thing and "Not" release that tape.
Your maturity level really showed it's stupid face when you took your daughter and father to discuss a deal being made regarding the sex tape, and I'm not the only one who feels a child should not be in attendance to a sex tape negotiation..Steve Hirsch of "Vivid" thoughts were right along with everyone else's who read that headline.. Imma have to be real and ask you...."Where the hell they do that at!!"

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