Saturday, April 27, 2013

No Family, No Friends, Not Even A Foe!

She clicked her heel's, thought it would get her home..found herself callin' E.T. Phone home..  It wasn't a game.. and fashow no joke, she wiped the tears from her eyes as she watched her dreams go up in smoke..She cried..she yelled, she had no hope..
Her house had burned down to the ground and all.. This bitch didn't just slip, she fell with her back up against the wall..Rock bottom my ass.. she lost it all with that fall..
What would she do, where would she go, no family, no friends, not even a foe.. What left to do, 22 and a hoe...She did what she knew best..she hit the stroll..
The life, she tried escaping came creeping back fast..the life she tried leaving with rockets from her ass!
She began to think of the child, that she'd loved from birth.. She thought..she would teach her a woman's worth. The tears began to sting as she thought back to that night, the night the fire took her 2-year-old's life.
No money to bury her.. Shes back where she began..back on the streetsz selling her ass again.. No friends, no family.. Not even a foe,  no one to love her,no where to go.
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