Monday, April 8, 2013

Men vs Women, Is There a Double Standard??

Dazed and confused not knowing our direction..why is it that we see thing's only in one direction? Men vs women all part of the game..You thought we were free, but ain't ah damn thang changed! Burning bra's back in the 70's to gain equal rights's.. Chic's now day's believe in equal rights.. What ah joke, what ah giggle, hehe,, you can take that bullshit and burn with it in hell!  "I can do the same thing's that he does,do the shit that he do..." Bitch please, girl quit, he'll run circles round you!
You say "If he cheated..then I'm..gone..cheat..too!!" not knowin' he could care less bout the shit that you do! at the end of the day you've only made a fool out of you!
Feelin' stuck on stupid, ignorant, and lost, common sense in this situation had no real cost.. Thinking that your a player  just like.. him.. shit you the damn boss..It was thoughts like that.. That had her runnin' like Rick Ross, fa playin a nigga she'll come up lost! Sellin dreams to the son's that you have by these men "You don't need that nigga, I'm the woman and the man" Women should never..say that shit again!! Women can not teach a boy how to be a man..we can try to teach them how to piss with one hand.. But still,..can't you see, that role is for a man, and it's  vice versa.. a man for a girl...he just does not comprehend, her emotional world he doesn't understand, he won't get her clinginess..just thinking as a man..
Women no longer wanted in the music industry, I..just don't understand!! wanting women to bow down, to play the position that they have been given.."Get on ya knee's, suck ma dick,..go cook somethin' in that kitchen"..Oh and by the way..did I forget to mention..Do my laundry, raise my kids and give me all your attention.
We are not equal, never were or nor will we be..We as women need to walk in reality..
No matter how much money you make or how gangstah you are, it dosen't make you equal to him by far..
I know we as women likes to be on the driver's side, But hey, this is a man's world..sit back and enjoy the ride..
Play the role that you have been given, and maybe our men will quit dippin' in other women..
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