Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lady Eats Penis and Balls..Off!!

Lady Eats Man's Franks and Beans! And Not The Kind Of Franks You'd Find In The Lunchable Isle Of Your Local Grocery Store E~tha! 29-year-old Priscilla Vaughn, out of Orlando, Fl. Now, has time to sit and think about just how good those balls really were!!

Okay here is how this story plays out.. A man and woman meet on-line, they decided that they want to take their little escapade to different heights. The duo decided that "Applebee's" would be a nice place to start. After enjoying a nice meal, Priscilla takes the gentlemen back to the room where she had been staying, and that's when she proceeded to tear into his penis and balls! Now after taking the Ecstasy , weed and booze, this 30 -year-old man though he was getting ready to get the best head ever!! Looks as the only thing this man got was his balls and penis ate the hell up and the shit scared out of him. Reports state that the authorities found the woman still located inside the room when they arrived on scene growling and bleeding from the mouth!
Now if this isn't enough reason to quit meeting these bottom feeder's off line and doing any and every drug with them, then I don't know what is.

One thing that concerns me, is this is not the first,second or third case that a human being has eaten away at another human while alive! My question is why are all these cases coming out of Florida, and what in the hell does our great Government plan on doing about this problem?!! Are we now living in the year of the Zombie?
So many questions, and we need answers now.

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