Sunday, April 21, 2013

Is T.I. and The Rap Industry The Reason Behind The Boston Bombings? TMZ Seems To Think So!!

If you thought that Hip~Hop had a bad name..then you were right! Not only does hip hop carry a bad name, but now we have TMZ adding insult to injury, by associating Hip~Hop with the recent Boston Bombings!! Huh? Come again? How on earth can Hip~Hop be the reason that two crazy individuals Bombed the city of Boston?
Well, let TMZ tell it, Tamerlan Tsarnaev one of the suspects in the bombing, allegedly had a thing for Hip~Hop, visiting it often. often! The site seems to have the rapper T.I.'s face plastered all over it, T.I. stated to TMZ that he had never even heard of the site and had not a clue that his photo's were even being used on this website! T.I is pissed that Hip~Hop is being thrown under the bus in such a manner, T.I. went on to tell TMZ "Hip~hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture,it dosen't create them." he continued on by telling TMZ that Hip~Hop has NEVER been about hurting innocent people. so here is the thing, since Tamerlan had an account with the hip~hop website, this automatically proves that Hip~Hop was involved in this attack and everyone was entirely right about the hip hop culture ... "Get the hell out of here with that made up ass shit!"

I know we all would like to place the blame on someone or something, to explain why America is so f%@cked up!! However, the blame can not be placed on one culture of race or music and it is insane for TMZ to report it any other way!
America has been on the brink of destruction, and it is not the blame of African Americans nor the music that generates from it's community!
Hey.. I got it...How about America not let every Tom,Dick, and crazy into our world and maybe just maybe we will begin to see a lot less hate..Idk, Ijs, Seems to me with all the Terrorism, school shootings, and humans eating other humans...We all better get prayed up, because I can assure you that we are embarking on a police state, where our every moved will be monitored..Hence..this is why Our lovely Government is trying to implement gun control, to keep you under control!! Food fa thought!! Hey TMZ..get a life!

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