Friday, April 19, 2013

Is Lauryn Hill Moving Out of "Her" Big House, Into the Big House I'd Like To Call Prison!!!!

Get out of town!! or in Lauryn Hills case "Get out of my house" yells her landlord, claiming that the Grammy-Award winner has neglected to pay her rent on the South Orange, New Jersey Mansion she has been renting since 2009. The landlord has already begun the process of a legal eviction. This eviction may not be Lauryn's only problem either, it looks as if she has also been charged with tax fraud and has plead guilty, and now faces up to several years behind bars. seems as though she wont need to fork over any more monies for rent on her South Orange Mansion in New Jersey because,
By the looks of things, where Lauryn is headed, they already provide three hot meals and a cot..
 All for free at the tax payers expense!

Damn Lauryn, It is really unfortunate what you are facing currently in your personal life..your friends as well as fans are hoping to see you pull through this.. Keep your head up Sistah! We're all rooting for you.

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