Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beyonce thinks that we as women should "Bow Down" to her..And I say she can kiss my azz!!

Has anyone heard Beyonce's new track "Bow Down"? I have and let me tell you, I'm not impressed with her "Bow Down bitches"  I can see how some women may have gotten offended by the verse in "Bow Down/I been on".. She clearly thinks that when we were all little girls we dreamed of being just like her , she goes on to say "She knows we think she is just his lil wife.. ( I presume she is referring to Jay-Z in this verse) don't get it twisted, this is my shid!" Wow, Beyonce, that's how you feel?
With all the women and girls that are quick to run out and buy your Cd's, or purchase your line of clothing and anything else your fans support you in,, You would think you would be just a little bit more respectful as well as mindful on the words you let roll off of your tongue. You could end up losing all your fans and finding yourself hated by the people who once loved you .. And as for Jay~Z..Chile the whole world knows that man belongs to you, however if you find him stepping out on you or other women eye balling him...Well then sistah, I'm here to tell you..You should probably address "your shit" and not your public..Ijs.

"Bow Down??!!!" Bish Please!!!!!

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