Thursday, April 25, 2013

All In Ma Mix!

All that,lyin' you do is fa the birds, Watch what I show you..and fuck whatcha heard.. Time to wrangle this sheep up, put em all in one herd.. Gotta put ma mean face on, and hit him real hard, Bitch, boss up, the game of spades, play ya best card.. Like a nigga on a wet bitch, I goes real hard!
Bouncin' ya hate, like a basketball.. I the paint... ask me to be somebody I'm not...the word is..I caint!!
My tongue so sharp, cuts like a knife!! Run up on me...and ugh..That's ya life.. Love and emotions that shids fa the birds save that shid fa ya..wife! Don't play wit emotions, Just ain't fa me...Oh you don't like the truth that I spit.. you'd rather me lie to you and shit.. give you the unreal, but it's this truth that you should hit! Put that Meth down, and let ma words be yo fix..
Don't like them hoes..gotz too many tricks!! Don't like too many all in ma mix!

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