Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A life for a Life..

She danced, she shouted..she was happy to be free, free from the micro~managing and no privacy! Bitch so happy she hits the floor and kiss the ground..not caring bout the stares she got from the one's who'd be sticking around. Four in a half long year's, you might as well say five, May seem short to you, but it felt like someone had buried her alive! Being told what to say and even what to do, It felt as if  they controlled her thoughts and her very movements too!
Those times were bad, man, they weren't good, She got more enjoyment from hittin' licks in the hood!
 She vowed, she swore she'd never return again, Meaning every word she said when she said she'd write her so call friends! Promising that they had a friend on the streets "I'll send you that Box, like every other week"

Glad to be going home,, she missed her man and the kid's, not knowing that last crime she committed would cost her this last bid! She pondered on the night that she had been caught, by no mistake by her, it was the other kat's fault! People get sloppy, careless in the game, with the ultimate goal being "fortune and fame" or plain ole trying to build a name...The shid be like stupid, I mean like real dumb..She thought back to that night of that life changing event, they were all three after those dead president's.

The plan was mapped out everything should have been alright, no one had to die, no one should have lost their life, But people got greedy, sloppy if you will, hadn't noticed that they triggered the alarm to that ritzy ass Hotel. As they attempted to crawl through the narrow vents, obviously it was evident, that all eyes were on them, they were not alone, and at that very moment, she wished she had left the little man at home. Too young to get caught up in a life of crime...He could make something of himself..he had time.. 17 with a heart of a 30 year old man, he was the son of her home girl, she called her, Her best friend.

He dropped to the ground, from the vent first..
and then all you heard was a burst.. of gunshots, and the surrounding ghetto bird. He lay there dead in a pool of blood, not gang affiliated, not a crip or a blood, needed money for his mother to have a heart surgery, no insurance, too broke.. so he needed that money!!..
The woman was free, and could now give what she couldn't give her life long friend for five years...an apology..She carried the weight of the lost of her friends son, if there were any regrets about that night...it was this one...

She stepped out of  the cab ready to be greeted by her man..but instead she saw Cathy whom held a gun in her hand.. She approached the cab with a look of hurt on her face "I waited 5 years just to see your face, as you take your last and final breath, I've been miserable with out my child, I blame you for his death!" She tried to turn on her heels and run as far as she could..The speed from the bullet was too quick for her feet, she fell and hit the wood.. Shot once in the back of the head.."A life for a life..." Is what Cathy said..

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