Sunday, March 31, 2013

Too Raw, Too Uncu, Rub me the wrong way..I'll show you I don't give a F....

Deception,deceit, the games people play, I don't condone it, but I see why we're seeing so many same sex relations today.
if it's the coochie you want..well then say that then...if it's something I got..don't fake don't pretend..
when will you learn? it's not the games that you play.. it's the disrespect you've earned on any given day.. I see through you, your as transparent as they come..come on now.. I just look like this, I get off on playin dumb, just long enough to make you kill yaself with a long enough rope..Killing all dreams, ambitions, and even your hope..this is a mainy ish talkin' ain't talkin bout dope!!
Yea, sit down school is in session, let me teach you all about this historical lesson.! I'm not to be played, but it's bullshid that I see, whatever I did..that was on me..Don't mistake that for anything else bay~beee!
Shade tree/ I am not, no schemes, no lies, don't gotta plot.. But if it's ya plate that you want on full...Humph.. I got a lot.. of nourishment that'll fill up ya plate Wake up, don't sleep.or for breakfast you'll be late.
Gotta date with reality, married to the truth, I'm somethin' like the tooth fairy.. lemme pay you for each tooth I knock loose!! Whether by fist or by mouth..I'll bury you alive..this ain't a joke nor the 70's ain't sellin' you no jive!
My actions are raw I'm like so uncut..Rub me the wrong way and  you'll see.. really I gives no phuck,!!

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