Thursday, March 7, 2013

TMZ? What Did Chris Brown do now?!

Seems as though TMZ always finds time to be right where Chris Brown is in a matter of minutes. there to catch all the drama that has been brewing around him and his life..In most recent reports TMZ witnessed Chris go 51/50 on a Valet employee of  "Pinz Bowling Alley" in Studio City, where he attended a charity event, according to TMZ when Chris went to retrieve his vehicle, the Valet attendant advised Brown that he needed to pay a ten dollar valet parking fee.. this allegedly sent Brown into a wild rage where he cussed and shouted at the valet and out right refused to pay the fee.
Now, we all know that CB could have easily paid the measly ten dollar parking fee, however, from what has been reported, it was the principal of the whole situation. Chris felt as if he was being ripped off because he had only been inside the bowling alley for all of thirty minutes.
With that being said, It must be madness to have someone following as well as reporting every move these entertainer's and artist make.
I think that CB has his own personal demons that he is facing internally, and maybe, just maybe the paparazzi should back off, and let this man go through what he is going through without his every move being reported..
My question to TMZ would now have to be, isn't there someone or something else out there that you can report on? Personally, I'm really tired of CB's name being dragged through the mud every other week. Let's do something out of the norm TMZ..leave Chris alone and go pick on someone else.. I'm just sayin'

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