Saturday, March 30, 2013

This Crush On You..

A crush, a memory, a moment in time, Knowing deep down that you can't be mine. A whisper, a phone call,maybe even a gentle touch..Wanting to be alone with you, may be asking too much. Daydreaming, visualizing, wishing you were mine,If only for a second I could hold off time.
Stolen moments, a subtle kiss shared, then coming to the realization, that we both shouldn't be here. Maybe another place, probably a different time, We can't blame a moment of lust on that bottle of wine.Intoxicated by the words you speak, wanting to eat from your knowledge tree, wanting to feel you inside of me, but wait..this is too good to be true, this feeling that has come over me..Lord, what should I do?
I know how you feel and I know what was said, but I still play with the thought of you in the back of my head.
Two people, same direction, damn near kindred souls..where this path will lead us down..(shrug) no one knows...
One thing I do know to be well and true..if nothing else..I'll forever have this crush on you..

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