Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tamar Braxton Pregnant and Toni has a foot fetish??..Is this bit of information really News worthy? You be the judge.

Tamar Braxton is pregnant and Toni, has a foot fetish, all I feel is a far cry from being news worthy, Apparently, Tamar Braxton,35 announced her pregnancy early this A.M. on "Good morning America"
Why is this important for America to know you ask? Well I'm not sure..But hey if it's a congratulations your looking for Tamar, then there you have it from Wellsink..
With all that is going on in America today, I find it hard to comprehend why so many important facts and issues are not being reported. Is it that we as a society thrive on the business of other people or is it just a simple case of..."There's nothing better to report?" whatever the case may be, it's sad. And for me, I wish that we could touch the topics of more importance, but I guess that would fall under the "Freedom of speech act" which I'm quickly learning we really never had. So I guess for now, we will continue to print the fluff, and keep the real issues at hand at buff..
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