Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rhianna's Boston Performance Cancelled Tonight, Due To Coming Down With Laryngitis..

You've probably already heard that Rhianna has canceled her show in Boston, due to her coming down with Laryngitis, reportedly the cancelling of the show was not by choice, Rhianna had been scheduled to perform at  the T.D. Garden tonight. Live Nation stated this morning that Rhianna is under direct Physicians order's that prohibit her from performing this evening. Live nation went on to say that the show has just been postponed for now, However, her performance in Baltimore on Tuesday will continue as planned. 

Apparently the show that was planned tonight in Boston was sold out. I'm sure those guy's over in Boston are wishing you well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery or.. their money back..Ijs..
We're all sending out get well soon love to ya Rhianna.
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