Thursday, March 7, 2013

Miley and Liam, Is there trouble in paradise?

 Is there trouble in Paradise with Miley and Liam? As we all learned last year, the duo got engaged and appeared to be really in love with one another.Well it appears last night, Miley was seen out without the huge engagement ring Liam put on her finger.. Report's have stated that While Miley did have several pieces of jewelery on, Liam's ring was not one of them.
With all the "rumors" floating about of troubles in their relationship, Miley seemed to give the paparazzi and fans just what they wanted..something to gossip about.
It concerns me that people will assume the worst before ever getting the facts! Even If this couple is having trouble in their relationship, who's business is it of ours to go putting our nose in places it doesn't belong. I mean, don't we all as human beings have arguments and disagreements when in a relationship? No one relationship is perfect, and how do we know they are having trouble? Are we there with them in the privacy of their home? Let's say for argument's sake that Liam did cheat on Miley, isn't that what they all do? So why is that news worthy? Maybe people should sweep around their own back door before trying to dust around someone else's! Hey Liam and Miley, do you!! And if the shit don't work out, let it be because the situation wasn't right for the both of you, not because the Media or your fans thought it wasn't right..
Good luck to you both, and I hope to see you guy's all dressed up in your wedding attire, laughing at these same people that's been all in your mustard trying to ketchup..

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