Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Kayne the pappy of Kim Kardashian's baby?

Looks as though Kim and Kanye are already headed down splits ville lane say's a source from "The Stir" It has been reported that the duo who was once was spotted sharing expensive dinners together, just may not be eating at the same table in the near future. While Kim has been  in Miami, Kayne has went his own way, being spotted in Paris doing him.
This comes so soon after learning that she is pregnant. It seems that Kim has a difficult time holding on to a man. I mean it is very apparent that she is looking for love, and maybe in all the wrong places, but where does this leave Kim and her unborn child? Will she be raising this child alone? With all the relationships that she has been in within the past years, do we honestly believe that Kayne could possibly be the father of her child. We just may have to very well wait until she is born to figure that one out..And even then...we know who the mother is..but who is the father of that there baby.

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