Saturday, March 30, 2013

Porsha Williams Fight's back By Telling Kordell, "I took Care Of Your Son By Another Woman!! Pay Me!!

Porsha Williams/Stewart is now firing back against Kordell Stewart's divorce suit, claiming that she quit her job and sold her business to be a stay at home mom to another woman's child. Porsha is now demanding that Kordell pay up! However, since Kordell feels as if Porsha " The Real Housewife of Atlanta " star is very capable of earning her own money, he doesn't feel as if he owes her one red cent!
Well damn, that's how you feel Kordell? Have another woman take care of your child, and then tell the chic to push to the left? Smh, women..this is why it is so important for you to maintain your own way of living. We are no longer living in the day's where these men should even be obligated to take care of a woman.
We as women need to begin to learn our own worth and stop putting so much pressure on these men.
I know I can only speak for myself in saying this..I love being independent, being able to spend "My" own money.
Who wants that type of a cloud hoovering over them? I will say this and I feel as though I speak for a lot of women and men alike when I say this.. If bands make you dance..well then, they better be your own bands, because there's no telling when his bands will pop and sting ya ass.. Food fa thought.

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