Saturday, March 9, 2013

Final Departure!!

I wanna talk about relationships for just a second here, Ever been in a relationship that you knew was not conducive for you or the life style you live, but you hang on in the event that whatever it is that is driving you crazy about the other person will eventually change? Well, I'm here to tell you..that you'll be waiting for hell to freeze over for that person to turn in to that Knight and shinning armor or that Queen of hearts  to make such a drastic change over night.. and who are we to ask that they make such a change in the first place?
I believe that if the chemistry wasn't there in the beginning, then it will not be there in the end, and pretending that it will, will only result in you being a very sad and UN-happy individual, and who wants those negative energies around right? The longer you keep trying to convince yourself that the shit will change..the more miserable you will become, Sometimes we as individuals need to learn when it's time to let go.
Here is what you must understand in order to understand the game, a person can be good to you but absolutely not for you!
You have to be woman enough to love yourself! Man enough to know and believe in yourself! And yes, Men can have self esteem issues as well, sometimes when we as women look at men or look for a potential man to be our mates..We need to know that he can protect us, I mean there has to be some back bone there..

Trust me men, ladies really don't want to run the relationship that they are in but we don't want to be controlled either... and ladies, we as women need to learn how to give these fellas a little wiggle room, and if your that insecure one with low self esteem in your relationship, then my advice to you would be to to check your insecurities in baggage claim because chile.... No one wants to always feel as if they have to baby sit or pacify your feelings..Come on...that's just ridiculous..Be insecure on your own time..and if you can't take the heat and you feel like the shit just isn't working out...then my friend, you have just reached the end of your destination, and it is now time to depart from this flight!
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