Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bowww!! Round Two, Straight to the head!!

Wait..She thought.. as she tried to breath, she grabbed her heart, then fell to her knee's, as she pleaded and begged it brought back memories.. Everything began to spin, and.. I.. mean.. fasss, she wanted quick, like fast.. She looked at the long pipe, as if it were a were long dick..She smiled, she gleamed as she took that last hit..
Her heart pumped with excitement as that pipe sizzled in her hand, never thought to buy her seed a pair of shoes with that two grand! From Child Support to the "D" boys hands.
She leaned back and closed her eye's, now wanting to enjoy her high, not caring who watched as people walked by.. Her hair was matted, her dress a mess, bish got dam breath smelled like death!
She looked at the pipe as she dropped the last rock, she needed to stay numb, so she got "Molly" whopped!
Still she feels that isn't enough, so she got the idea that she was real tuff!!
She thought and pondered on a live scheme, not knowing her life would soon play out as a real life Crime Scene..
She had close connections with the "D boy" up the way he went by the name of O.G "Ray, Ray"
This Kat was a hustler, ah pimp at his best, bitches and dog's, both knew not to put him to the test!
But in her mind, you know gone off that dope..even the worst of the worst never gives up hope! Always finding a way to cop that dope!
She would learn this night that it would be the last dope she smoked! She crept around to the back of the house, making sure that all light's were out and no one was home, so she circled about this three bedroom home..went to the back where there lied a sliding glass door..gently  pulling on the latch and opening the door, she quickly begins crawling on o.g  Ray Ray's floor.
She got to the hallway and swore she heard voices softly in the background..she lays all the way flat and hits the ground!She looked up into a barrel being told to get off the ground..Boom!! first round.. right to the chest.. Bish probably should have worn a bulletproof vest, Bowwow!! round two straight to the head! Now! your suffering is over, the father of her children said!!
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