Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big "D" Boy's!!

Who am I ? I thought I made that quite clear, I'm the chic from the  gutta of the street's, the shid that roll up off my tongue is my reality..Ran with team red watched blood gush from many heads, come from ah city where Chic's fight men, and the bottle is a real hustler's friend! That bottle keeps him warm at night while he hugs them block light's, if you got that mentality, you know what I'm talkin right?..
The city's I rep, really ain't no joke, pimps, hustler's, Ryder's and they all slang that coke.. a straight 9-5 just wont work!
Got too many kid's, he been puttin' in work! too many mouth's to feed and they all need shirts!!
Baby love to play with them big boy toy's, Big trucks, loud bikes, Boss Hog's for boy's.. They clicked up, but ain't gotta make no noise! They show stoppa's Big "D" Boy's!
Runnin the block and man it's hot, Come from a city where anotha nicca caint (can't) blow up the spot, and if  they thought about it...they'd feel something hot! This ain't no joke, think I'm playin?, I'm not.. They don't hustle fa tennis shoes..theses niggas hold knots!
So I'll say it again, just one more time..Imma boss ish I rides fa mine..Ah gangstah if you will, laced from head to toe....what's funny bout that..bish ain't no hoe.. but I'll make one go, quick, fast, and in a hurry, ta get that dough!
Step to me with some weak shit, I'll show you what I know..It's that Bonnie and Clyde shid, as if I had to tell you so!


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