Sunday, March 31, 2013

Too Raw, Too Uncu, Rub me the wrong way..I'll show you I don't give a F....

Deception,deceit, the games people play, I don't condone it, but I see why we're seeing so many same sex relations today.
if it's the coochie you want..well then say that then...if it's something I got..don't fake don't pretend..
when will you learn? it's not the games that you play.. it's the disrespect you've earned on any given day.. I see through you, your as transparent as they come..come on now.. I just look like this, I get off on playin dumb, just long enough to make you kill yaself with a long enough rope..Killing all dreams, ambitions, and even your hope..this is a mainy ish talkin' ain't talkin bout dope!!
Yea, sit down school is in session, let me teach you all about this historical lesson.! I'm not to be played, but it's bullshid that I see, whatever I did..that was on me..Don't mistake that for anything else bay~beee!
Shade tree/ I am not, no schemes, no lies, don't gotta plot.. But if it's ya plate that you want on full...Humph.. I got a lot.. of nourishment that'll fill up ya plate Wake up, don't sleep.or for breakfast you'll be late.
Gotta date with reality, married to the truth, I'm somethin' like the tooth fairy.. lemme pay you for each tooth I knock loose!! Whether by fist or by mouth..I'll bury you alive..this ain't a joke nor the 70's ain't sellin' you no jive!
My actions are raw I'm like so uncut..Rub me the wrong way and  you'll see.. really I gives no phuck,!!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Porsha Williams Fight's back By Telling Kordell, "I took Care Of Your Son By Another Woman!! Pay Me!!

Porsha Williams/Stewart is now firing back against Kordell Stewart's divorce suit, claiming that she quit her job and sold her business to be a stay at home mom to another woman's child. Porsha is now demanding that Kordell pay up! However, since Kordell feels as if Porsha " The Real Housewife of Atlanta " star is very capable of earning her own money, he doesn't feel as if he owes her one red cent!
Well damn, that's how you feel Kordell? Have another woman take care of your child, and then tell the chic to push to the left? Smh, women..this is why it is so important for you to maintain your own way of living. We are no longer living in the day's where these men should even be obligated to take care of a woman.
We as women need to begin to learn our own worth and stop putting so much pressure on these men.
I know I can only speak for myself in saying this..I love being independent, being able to spend "My" own money.
Who wants that type of a cloud hoovering over them? I will say this and I feel as though I speak for a lot of women and men alike when I say this.. If bands make you dance..well then, they better be your own bands, because there's no telling when his bands will pop and sting ya ass.. Food fa thought.

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This Crush On You..

A crush, a memory, a moment in time, Knowing deep down that you can't be mine. A whisper, a phone call,maybe even a gentle touch..Wanting to be alone with you, may be asking too much. Daydreaming, visualizing, wishing you were mine,If only for a second I could hold off time.
Stolen moments, a subtle kiss shared, then coming to the realization, that we both shouldn't be here. Maybe another place, probably a different time, We can't blame a moment of lust on that bottle of wine.Intoxicated by the words you speak, wanting to eat from your knowledge tree, wanting to feel you inside of me, but wait..this is too good to be true, this feeling that has come over me..Lord, what should I do?
I know how you feel and I know what was said, but I still play with the thought of you in the back of my head.
Two people, same direction, damn near kindred souls..where this path will lead us down..(shrug) no one knows...
One thing I do know to be well and true..if nothing else..I'll forever have this crush on you..

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Porsha and Kordell, is it now over?

Porsha Williams, Cast Member from the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has been filed on by her husband Kordell Stewart, claiming that she was blind sided by the divorce when she read it on a website. Wait..wait.. what Porsha? you mean to tell me that you didn't see that one coming? I mean I watch the show and Ray Charles could see that the shit just wasn't going to work out.

With Kordell's controlling behavior, maybe he did you a favor Porsha. No woman should ever be "Allowed" to go away on a trip with the girls..and from what I've seen, it's like you don't even have an opinion when it comes to trying to talk to Kordell. Just be thankful that there were no kids brought into this marriage.
Hey Porsha, this is why it is always good to make your own money,because you never know when your sunny day's may become rainy!

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Is Kayne the pappy of Kim Kardashian's baby?

Looks as though Kim and Kanye are already headed down splits ville lane say's a source from "The Stir" It has been reported that the duo who was once was spotted sharing expensive dinners together, just may not be eating at the same table in the near future. While Kim has been  in Miami, Kayne has went his own way, being spotted in Paris doing him.
This comes so soon after learning that she is pregnant. It seems that Kim has a difficult time holding on to a man. I mean it is very apparent that she is looking for love, and maybe in all the wrong places, but where does this leave Kim and her unborn child? Will she be raising this child alone? With all the relationships that she has been in within the past years, do we honestly believe that Kayne could possibly be the father of her child. We just may have to very well wait until she is born to figure that one out..And even then...we know who the mother is..but who is the father of that there baby.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bowww!! Round Two, Straight to the head!!

Wait..She thought.. as she tried to breath, she grabbed her heart, then fell to her knee's, as she pleaded and begged it brought back memories.. Everything began to spin, and.. I.. mean.. fasss, she wanted quick, like fast.. She looked at the long pipe, as if it were a were long dick..She smiled, she gleamed as she took that last hit..
Her heart pumped with excitement as that pipe sizzled in her hand, never thought to buy her seed a pair of shoes with that two grand! From Child Support to the "D" boys hands.
She leaned back and closed her eye's, now wanting to enjoy her high, not caring who watched as people walked by.. Her hair was matted, her dress a mess, bish got dam breath smelled like death!
She looked at the pipe as she dropped the last rock, she needed to stay numb, so she got "Molly" whopped!
Still she feels that isn't enough, so she got the idea that she was real tuff!!
She thought and pondered on a live scheme, not knowing her life would soon play out as a real life Crime Scene..
She had close connections with the "D boy" up the way he went by the name of O.G "Ray, Ray"
This Kat was a hustler, ah pimp at his best, bitches and dog's, both knew not to put him to the test!
But in her mind, you know gone off that dope..even the worst of the worst never gives up hope! Always finding a way to cop that dope!
She would learn this night that it would be the last dope she smoked! She crept around to the back of the house, making sure that all light's were out and no one was home, so she circled about this three bedroom home..went to the back where there lied a sliding glass door..gently  pulling on the latch and opening the door, she quickly begins crawling on o.g  Ray Ray's floor.
She got to the hallway and swore she heard voices softly in the background..she lays all the way flat and hits the ground!She looked up into a barrel being told to get off the ground..Boom!! first round.. right to the chest.. Bish probably should have worn a bulletproof vest, Bowwow!! round two straight to the head! Now! your suffering is over, the father of her children said!!

Too Short Picked Up On A DUI Wednesday and Get's Charged with a Felony Drug Case?!

Looks like Too Short has escaped a felony drug charge coming from L.A. County. Allegedly Short was picked up on a DUI where he attempted to flee but was obviously captured and taken into custody.. Once outside of the coppers vehicle, officers found a small amount of "Meth" in the back of the squad car. TMZ sources has stated that the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has thrown the case out, because the officer's only found a small amount of Meth..which let's keep in mind..was never found on his possession.
Since Too Short  does not have a felony record, the case will be sent over to the L.A. City Attorney for misdemeanor review.
Well Short, you dodged that bullet and it's good to know that we will not lose another Artist to the system! Good luck Short and next time you decide to run from One time..make sure you get away..Ijs..


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

iT gOES doWn! and It SlAps Real Hard Too!! Here on Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" Live Internet Radio

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tamar Braxton Pregnant and Toni has a foot fetish??..Is this bit of information really News worthy? You be the judge.

Tamar Braxton is pregnant and Toni, has a foot fetish, all I feel is a far cry from being news worthy, Apparently, Tamar Braxton,35 announced her pregnancy early this A.M. on "Good morning America"
Why is this important for America to know you ask? Well I'm not sure..But hey if it's a congratulations your looking for Tamar, then there you have it from Wellsink..
With all that is going on in America today, I find it hard to comprehend why so many important facts and issues are not being reported. Is it that we as a society thrive on the business of other people or is it just a simple case of..."There's nothing better to report?" whatever the case may be, it's sad. And for me, I wish that we could touch the topics of more importance, but I guess that would fall under the "Freedom of speech act" which I'm quickly learning we really never had. So I guess for now, we will continue to print the fluff, and keep the real issues at hand at buff..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rhianna's Boston Performance Cancelled Tonight, Due To Coming Down With Laryngitis..

You've probably already heard that Rhianna has canceled her show in Boston, due to her coming down with Laryngitis, reportedly the cancelling of the show was not by choice, Rhianna had been scheduled to perform at  the T.D. Garden tonight. Live Nation stated this morning that Rhianna is under direct Physicians order's that prohibit her from performing this evening. Live nation went on to say that the show has just been postponed for now, However, her performance in Baltimore on Tuesday will continue as planned. 

Apparently the show that was planned tonight in Boston was sold out. I'm sure those guy's over in Boston are wishing you well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery or.. their money back..Ijs..
We're all sending out get well soon love to ya Rhianna.


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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Final Departure!!

I wanna talk about relationships for just a second here, Ever been in a relationship that you knew was not conducive for you or the life style you live, but you hang on in the event that whatever it is that is driving you crazy about the other person will eventually change? Well, I'm here to tell you..that you'll be waiting for hell to freeze over for that person to turn in to that Knight and shinning armor or that Queen of hearts  to make such a drastic change over night.. and who are we to ask that they make such a change in the first place?
I believe that if the chemistry wasn't there in the beginning, then it will not be there in the end, and pretending that it will, will only result in you being a very sad and UN-happy individual, and who wants those negative energies around right? The longer you keep trying to convince yourself that the shit will change..the more miserable you will become, Sometimes we as individuals need to learn when it's time to let go.
Here is what you must understand in order to understand the game, a person can be good to you but absolutely not for you!
You have to be woman enough to love yourself! Man enough to know and believe in yourself! And yes, Men can have self esteem issues as well, sometimes when we as women look at men or look for a potential man to be our mates..We need to know that he can protect us, I mean there has to be some back bone there..

Trust me men, ladies really don't want to run the relationship that they are in but we don't want to be controlled either... and ladies, we as women need to learn how to give these fellas a little wiggle room, and if your that insecure one with low self esteem in your relationship, then my advice to you would be to to check your insecurities in baggage claim because chile.... No one wants to always feel as if they have to baby sit or pacify your feelings..Come on...that's just ridiculous..Be insecure on your own time..and if you can't take the heat and you feel like the shit just isn't working out...then my friend, you have just reached the end of your destination, and it is now time to depart from this flight!
This has been a "PSA" from Keshia Wells here on

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Miley and Liam, Is there trouble in paradise?

 Is there trouble in Paradise with Miley and Liam? As we all learned last year, the duo got engaged and appeared to be really in love with one another.Well it appears last night, Miley was seen out without the huge engagement ring Liam put on her finger.. Report's have stated that While Miley did have several pieces of jewelery on, Liam's ring was not one of them.
With all the "rumors" floating about of troubles in their relationship, Miley seemed to give the paparazzi and fans just what they wanted..something to gossip about.
It concerns me that people will assume the worst before ever getting the facts! Even If this couple is having trouble in their relationship, who's business is it of ours to go putting our nose in places it doesn't belong. I mean, don't we all as human beings have arguments and disagreements when in a relationship? No one relationship is perfect, and how do we know they are having trouble? Are we there with them in the privacy of their home? Let's say for argument's sake that Liam did cheat on Miley, isn't that what they all do? So why is that news worthy? Maybe people should sweep around their own back door before trying to dust around someone else's! Hey Liam and Miley, do you!! And if the shit don't work out, let it be because the situation wasn't right for the both of you, not because the Media or your fans thought it wasn't right..
Good luck to you both, and I hope to see you guy's all dressed up in your wedding attire, laughing at these same people that's been all in your mustard trying to ketchup..

TMZ? What Did Chris Brown do now?!

Seems as though TMZ always finds time to be right where Chris Brown is in a matter of minutes. there to catch all the drama that has been brewing around him and his life..In most recent reports TMZ witnessed Chris go 51/50 on a Valet employee of  "Pinz Bowling Alley" in Studio City, where he attended a charity event, according to TMZ when Chris went to retrieve his vehicle, the Valet attendant advised Brown that he needed to pay a ten dollar valet parking fee.. this allegedly sent Brown into a wild rage where he cussed and shouted at the valet and out right refused to pay the fee.
Now, we all know that CB could have easily paid the measly ten dollar parking fee, however, from what has been reported, it was the principal of the whole situation. Chris felt as if he was being ripped off because he had only been inside the bowling alley for all of thirty minutes.
With that being said, It must be madness to have someone following as well as reporting every move these entertainer's and artist make.
I think that CB has his own personal demons that he is facing internally, and maybe, just maybe the paparazzi should back off, and let this man go through what he is going through without his every move being reported..
My question to TMZ would now have to be, isn't there someone or something else out there that you can report on? Personally, I'm really tired of CB's name being dragged through the mud every other week. Let's do something out of the norm TMZ..leave Chris alone and go pick on someone else.. I'm just sayin'

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez Dies at 58..

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has died, This news comes from Venezuelan Vice President, Nicolas Maduro. Maduro, informed the public of Chavez death, all while holding back tears at 4:25pm.
Allegedly Chavez had been in Cuba for months being treated for an illness that actually turned out to be cancer. Chavez, who was 58 at the time of his death hated the U.S.A. and blamed all of it's problems on America..Our prayers are going out to Hugo's family.


Big "D" Boy's!!

Who am I ? I thought I made that quite clear, I'm the chic from the  gutta of the street's, the shid that roll up off my tongue is my reality..Ran with team red watched blood gush from many heads, come from ah city where Chic's fight men, and the bottle is a real hustler's friend! That bottle keeps him warm at night while he hugs them block light's, if you got that mentality, you know what I'm talkin right?..
The city's I rep, really ain't no joke, pimps, hustler's, Ryder's and they all slang that coke.. a straight 9-5 just wont work!
Got too many kid's, he been puttin' in work! too many mouth's to feed and they all need shirts!!
Baby love to play with them big boy toy's, Big trucks, loud bikes, Boss Hog's for boy's.. They clicked up, but ain't gotta make no noise! They show stoppa's Big "D" Boy's!
Runnin the block and man it's hot, Come from a city where anotha nicca caint (can't) blow up the spot, and if  they thought about it...they'd feel something hot! This ain't no joke, think I'm playin?, I'm not.. They don't hustle fa tennis shoes..theses niggas hold knots!
So I'll say it again, just one more time..Imma boss ish I rides fa mine..Ah gangstah if you will, laced from head to toe....what's funny bout that..bish ain't no hoe.. but I'll make one go, quick, fast, and in a hurry, ta get that dough!
Step to me with some weak shit, I'll show you what I know..It's that Bonnie and Clyde shid, as if I had to tell you so!

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...