Friday, February 22, 2013

What?! Say It Isn't So!! Who was the intruder Lurking around Rhianna's home? And Who E-mailed him detail by detail instructions on how to break in?!!

Allegedly, a man was picked up and arrested outside of Rhianna's Southern California home, where it is UN-clear if the UN named man had been trying to burglarize the home or not. Neighbor's noticed a strange man lurking around her home and peering into window's.
 Apparently the man claims he was e-mailed a step by step memo on just how to get inside of her home, and it appears to be the information he was given, was dead on!
Needless to say the good Samaritan neighbors, leaped into action, just as a super hero would and held the intruder until Authorities arrived.."Always a captain save a mofo on stand-by right?" I guess this time it's okay, because had it not been for the noisy neighbors, this guy just may have gotten away with the goods!
Fortunate enough, Rhianna was not home at the time and no property was missing. I for one would sure in the hell like to know who this man is, where he came from, what his intent was once entering her home and last but not lease...Who the hell sent him this infamous E-mail???
It will be interesting to see what we learn in the future, if, we learn anything at all. This is Wellsink, bringing you All your Celebrity news in about 60 seconds or less.

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