Friday, February 8, 2013

Touch every aspect!

I'm running out of time, man like fast, I have to touch these star's, and catch up to my past.. Starchy and Hutch said it many years ago "Mrs Wells, Keshia should be in commercials" My mom shook the stars off and never looked backed, she later explain, she didn't want to throw my life off track. I wondered for many years how would life had been, if I was shown and tasted the good life back then, Maybe in a way, she'd still be alive, never would have got caught up in society's lie. Or was it, she knew something that at the time I couldn't comprehend, and in her mind..she played her best hand.. I'm not done here, no not by far I guarantee you with every once of my heart, that before its said and done with...I'm gonna make it far! This heart condition will not slow me down, it will not keep me, bound, gaged and tied down!! I've worked too hard and for too long for this to be the last dance and song!!
You watch what I say and watch me fly high, watch me touch every aspect up in this sky!

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