Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Short fa Cocaine!!

I am your worst nightmare in all your dream's,.. baby, I am all you need..I am your air, your water, your food, your drink!!..I am every got dam thought you think! I will steal your mind and murder your soul and after that.. I'll make you dig your own hole. Happiness, doesn't live within me, hatred, envy, jealousy,depression dwells with in!
I need all of your time, you can not give that away, If your lookin' fa ah way out... there will be hell to pay. You bet not leave me, or I'll hunt you down like the wolf that I am, devour your soul and spit it out for the lambs!

Bring ya friend's I'll put them on too! I'll be good to them, just as I have been to you, never will I forsake you or leave you alone, I'll be there waiting when you return home. One thing about me that  makes me kind of funny, Imma high matience bitch you got's ta have money!
So if it happiness your in search of and you want to feel secure and free, Imma give you my hook up, and you can call on me.
Oh, I'm sorry how rude. I don't think I threw you ma name....They call me "C" short fa cocaine.
By, Keshia Wells aka Dj Keno

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