Friday, February 8, 2013

She Shed Tears!!

She buckles over as she clutches her heart.. she mutters"oh lord, please make the pain stop" She knew in her  mind that the cigarette smoke that filled her lungs, is the critical point she started from, but she couldn't seem to fight the habit she's held for years, she takes another drag as her eyes shed tears, she thought and wondered about the way her mother passed...without warning, man like fast, with 20% percent of a heart, how much time did she have?
She knew in her mind that the ball was in her court, it was up to her to maintain her beating heart..She cried from the news, then out of fear she laughed, how much time would the Most High allow her to smell the green grass.
She thought of a son she held dear to her heart, "I can't leave now, not with us apart" She cried for the son that was lost in his own way, she needed to make sure his heart didn't go astray, She shed more tears as she thought of the daughters she brung unto this earth, "who will teach them a woman's worth?
As her heart skipped a beat and tightened to no end, she really realized she was alone. No family, no friends, She looks to her hero, the only man who ever cared, the man that was there to rub her hair, to gently kiss her softly at night, whispering in her ear, you have too much fight! "Come on baby i need you to fight"
She layed across her bed and began to pray.. she came alone..she'll leave alone, she exhales closes her eyes and hopes to wake to see just one more day..

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