Thursday, February 28, 2013

Laced Ta The Knee's!!

Let me put some knowledge into this game, let it seep into ya ear and marinate on ya brain, I'm a lyrical assaian, raw with that word play, I got that fiya  for ya ass on a cold winta day! I'm a writer, a blogger, a Dj at best,, putting soft,ass  poodles to the ultimate test!
 I pop's off at the mouth, this shit is real and untamed, let me throw it out there in case you missed the name..Dj Keno aka Keshia Wells I shows no shame , I rings them bells.. lock ya doors, make sure them belts is fastened tight.. First time you hear me you wont be askin, is yo flow hard..right? My rhymes ah be runnin' through ya head all night, have you feelin' like you done hit that pipe!! I'm a Pharmaceutical Rep, got them narcotics fa ya ass, school is in session, get ready fa class!! Don't come with that fake shit, with me it won't pass!
Pretty on the outside, hard on the in...Bish I don't roll with a entourage, what's the meaning of friends? I got ma back, tell me who got yours...bish, what you sayin? Dj Keno got bars!!
Raised by a pack of wolves, did time with the best, I walks through any hood, and holds out my chest!!
Bow down to a bish, i could neva do that, have you second guessin yo game tryin to run with my pack!
Pimp's be tryin ta gas me, I be like nicca please, You can't teach me nothin, I'm already laced to the knee's!!
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