Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jim Jones, Behind Bars?

Jim Jones was arrested early this morning in New Jersey, after cops claim "he got out of line with a police officer who was trying to deal with a parking situation" Umph...ain't that ah bitch!
According to the police, Jones confronted an officer who was responding to a complaint of a car being illegally parked car in front of Jones home...
You know how the rest plays out don't you? Cops ran Jones name and found out he had two warrants for his arrest..but wait a minute guess for what...Failure to remove snow from his side walk and a motor vehicle violation...Apparently in NJ they call that a
According to sources, Jones denied any knowledge of the warrants and became irate, so the coppers put him in cuffs and behind bars for disorderly conduct as well as Obstruction! Come on, are you serious? So you mean to tell me in NJ there are no major crimes going on that need the police immediate attention? I have three word's for the NJ PD department...Get a life!!
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