Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is all the talk of Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy, giving you the baby blues?!!

Kim and this pregnancy seems to be all the media can talk about these days. Now let me be quite clear when I say this, I have no ill feelings towards the woman, but quite frankly..I'm tired of hearing her name, and what the public can or can not expect from her recent pregnancy...Would you like us all to stand up and give her a standing ovation for finally being able to get pregnant by someone after her many failed relationships with name's such as, R.Jay, "Reggie Bush, "the dude that was Brit"as well as Chris Humphries, Tell me is it that now Kayne has her as his most recent prized possession, are we, the public, suppose to be gaga eyed over her baby bump?! Come on, seriously?

 at this point who cares if West is or isn't the father of this UN-born child?! If Kim isn't or is a hoe, I mean when we read stories such as Kim was Smashing Kayne while her and Reggie were still an item, Is the public still shocked at knowing that Kim may have just a tad bit of "whoredashian" running through her veins..I say, if Kayne wants to turn a hoe into a house wife.

Well then let him! He may be just what the doctor ordered to keep Kim walking a thin housewife line, and one never knows he may have her on such a short leash, that it  chokes her if the thought of spreading eagle for another man enters her brain... But then again...Kayne did admit to sources that watching her and Ray,J do the do, actually turned him on...So really it's any ones guess what this Duo may be up to in the near future..as for the present time, Can we, the media try and put our focus elsewhere? The world has grown tired of her,and her "Many men, this including her pregnancy,"

"Whoa?!, is Kim packing on the Pound's in this pregnancy or what!?If so, do you think she'll be able to bounce back? Well I guess, money can buy a girl's figure back as long as the price is right..

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