Thursday, February 28, 2013

Florida Gangster Disciples [GD's] Want Rick Ross Head Handed To Them On A Platta If They Don't Get Their Guap Soon!!

GD, has released a video on YouTube, and they want they got damn money!! Making it quite clear that Meek mill and no one else has anything to do with this beef. Gangsta Disciple's "Florida" wants Ross to cut a check and A.S.A.P! It appears that Ross doesn't even got street love any more..ooh wee..looks like Ross done wrote or should I say wont write a check his ass can cash! You got some real live problems Rick, and from what Gd states, they funk is with one else!! My advice for you, would be to watch your back and from the sounds of things your front too!! Because Gangsta Disciples from everywhere are comin' fa you...And yes, the "GD's" out in Atlanta too!

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